Thinking About Selling Your Laboratory?

There are many reasons lab owners decide to sell a lab. Whether it’s due to financial issues, retirement, or otherwise, we know timing is key. We often hear sellers say that they had a hard time finding a platform on which to advertise their lab. This is because laboratories aren’t commonly listed publicly, and many sell by word of mouth. Lighthouse Lab Services is the missing link between lab sellers and lab buyers. We provide a marketplace to list the full details of your lab so you’re not missing buyer opportunities, and we work closely with you to ensure your lab is sold quickly and hassle-free.

Why Work With Our Team?

Many labs aren’t publicly listed, which is a huge inconvenience for buyers. However, we have the network to stay ahead of the lab market, bringing you options sooner. We work with sellers and have access to lab owners whom we can approach about selling. We can provide expert opinions when it comes to valuations, as well as assistance with purchase negotiations. Our Team also has the ability to have laboratories inspected by professional lab inspectors, and we can assist with the vetting of laboratory financials and information.

Our Buyer Network

One huge advantage of working with Lighthouse Lab Services is that we also work with buyers. We are able to help you sell your lab quickly due to our large buyer network. We represent a group of investors, lab owners, and merger and acquisition specialists.

Empowering You To Make the Right Decision

We have heard many buyers complain that it’s hard to find labs for sale because they’re so often not listed anywhere. Lighthouse Lab Services offers a network that is the missing link between clinical lab buyers and sellers. Our Buying + Selling Team is concerned with helping you find the right clinical laboratory as well as empowering them to make the right decision.


We also offer services for due diligence 

when buying, selling, or starting your lab:



Not only do we help you buy or sell a lab—we can also assist you with accurately valuing the lab in question. This ensures that you either get a competitive price on the laboratory you are purchasing or that you get the top dollar for the laboratory that you are selling. Should you need a more rigorous lab valuation that stands up to stricter legal and accounting standards, we can also assist you with getting values ranging from one to five stars.



When buying a lab, you can rely on our lab inspection services to help you make a sound decision in your lab purchase. Once you’re ready to start your chosen lab, an inspection can help you identify issues prior to federal inspection and can serve as due-diligence inspections for those buying an existing clinical lab. This gives you the opportunity to address issues before CLIA, COLA, or CAP inspections, avoiding potential penalties.

A Merger of industry leaders:

Why and How We’re Doing things Differently.

Lighthouse Lab Services is a merger of industry-leading companies. With an innovative approach to recruiting, consulting, and buyer/seller networking , we’re offering a more holistic experience for our clients to come alongside of them as they start, run, and grow within the clinical laboratory industry.

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