We have a variety of medical and clinical labs for sale. Find them below. If you do not see anything that matches your needs, contact us, to speak to our Buyer + Seller services team. We’re happy to help you find something to fit your needs.

Featured Labs

For Sale: Newly Built Out CLIA Certified Toxicology Laboratory


Newly built out CLIA Certified Screening Toxicology Laboratory in the Dallas, TX area. The lab is COLA accredited and ready to go.

For Sale: Turnkey TX Toxicology Screening Lab


Built-out turnkey screening laboratory seeking immediate buyer.  Excellent opportunity for quick entry into TX market!

For Sale: Established Oklahoma CLIA Toxicology Laboratory


Established fully staffed CLIA Toxicology laboratory seeking buyer. This is a perfect opportunity for a group seeking to move quickly into the laborat

For Sale: Newly Built Out Turnkey CA Licensed CLIA Laboratory


Newly built out turnkey CA licensed CLIA laboratory certified for toxicology screening, hematology, and urinalysis.

For Sale: CA CLIA Certified Pathology Laboratory

California (outside of Los Angeles)

For Sale: Growing CA licensed CLIA certified Pathology Lab seeking buyer. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a lab currently performing test

For Sale: CLIA Certified Missouri Toxicology Laboratory


For Sale: In-Network Missouri Toxicology laboratory, CLIA certified and currently built out for confirmation and screening testing utilizing the Shima

For Sale: Profitable Independent Lab in Northwest US

Northwest US

Established CLIA laboratory is currently certified for General Immunology, Urinalysis, and Hematology and is in-network with BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, Medic

(Under Exclusive LOI) Seeking Quick Sale: Turnkey Wisconsin CLIA Certified Toxicology Laboratory


Turnkey Wisconsin CLIA certified laboratory equipped for toxicology screening – $55K

For Sale: TX CLIA Laboratory

Dallas, TX (Area)

Turnkey TX lab is CLIA certified and built out for General Chemistry, Hematology, Allergy, and Toxicology.

For Sale (Reduced Price): NY CLIA Accredited Laboratory

New York

Turnkey CLIA accredited NY Laboratory equipped for General Chemistry, Hematology, and Toxicology.

For Sale: CLIA Licensed In-Network Laboratory – Toxicology


For Sale: In-network Clinical Toxicology Laboratory. $800K

For Sale: Southeast CLIA Blood Laboratory

Southeast US

For Sale: Southeast CLIA Clinical Diagnostic Lab specializing in Blood Testing. Owner is open to a purchase structured to be paid out over time out of

For Sale: CLIA Licensed Toxicology Laboratory


Looking to Sell: Established Beautifully built-out and well maintained in-network Toxicology/Hematology laboratory in Ohio.

For Sale: CLIA Licensed Laboratory – Toxicology

Dallas, TX

Looking to Sell: Built out 2500 sq ft CLIA Licensed Toxicology/Blood Laboratory .

For Sale: Built out CLIA Toxicology Laboratory

Southeastern US

For Sale:  Built out in-network Clinical Toxicology Laboratory. $700K

For Sale: In-network Midwest Tox / Blood Laboratory with volume

Midwest (location confidential)

(Currently under exclusivity) – For Sale:  Established midwest CLIA In-network Blood/Toxicology Laboratory including volume.  Asking 1.5 milli

Recently Sold Labs

SOLD: Turn-Key CLIA Licensed Laboratory – SW Florida

SW Florida

Beautiful CLIA Licensed Laboratory in SW Florida

SOLD: CLIA Licensed Laboratory for Sale near Fayetteville, NC

Near Fayetteville, NC

Looking to sell built-out CLIA licensed laboratory with instrumentation near Fayetteville, NC

SOLD: CLIA Licensed Laboratory

Florida (Near Panama City)

Newly built-out CLIA licensed laboratory near Panama City Beach, FL.

Sold: Turn-key Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory


Sold – Recently built-out COLA accredited, CLIA compliant Genomics Laboratory in western Texas.

SOLD: Pennsylvania Lab – Looking to sell built-out CLIA licensed laboratory with instrumentation


For Sale: Well maintained in-network CLIA and COLA certified toxicology laboratory.


For Sale: LC/MS – Agilent 6460 and Agilent 6420


Working with a lab seeking to sell both their Agilent 6460 and Agilent 6420 LC/MS instruments. Both instruments are in good condition.