We have a variety of medical and clinical labs for sale. Find them below. If you do not see anything that matches your needs, contact us, to speak to our Buyer + Seller services team. We’re happy to help you find something to fit your needs.

Featured Labs

Seeking Quick Sale: Turnkey Wisconsin CLIA Certified Toxicology Laboratory


Turnkey Wisconsin CLIA certified laboratory equipped for toxicology screening – $55K

For Sale: TX CLIA Laboratory

Dallas, TX (Area)

Turnkey TX lab is CLIA certified and built out for General Chemistry, Hematology, Allergy, and Toxicology.

For Sale: NY CLIA Accredited Laboratory

New York

Turnkey CLIA accredited NY Laboratory equipped for General Chemistry, Hematology, and Toxicology.

For Sale: CLIA Licensed In-Network Laboratory – Toxicology


For Sale: In-network Clinical Toxicology Laboratory. $800K

For Sale: Southeast CLIA Blood Laboratory

Southeast US

For Sale: Southeast CLIA Clinical Diagnostic Lab specializing in Blood Testing. Owner is open to a purchase structured to be paid out over time out of

For Sale: CLIA Licensed Toxicology Laboratory


Looking to Sell: Established Beautifully built-out and well maintained in-network Toxicology/Hematology laboratory in Ohio.

For Sale: CLIA Licensed Laboratory – Toxicology

Dallas, TX

Looking to Sell: Built out 2500 sq ft CLIA Licensed Toxicology/Blood Laboratory .

For Sale: Built out CLIA Toxicology Laboratory

Southeastern US

For Sale:  Built out in-network Clinical Toxicology Laboratory. $700K

For Sale: In-network Midwest Tox / Blood Laboratory with volume

Midwest (location confidential)

(Currently under exclusivity) – For Sale:  Established midwest CLIA In-network Blood/Toxicology Laboratory including volume.  Asking 1.5 milli

(Currently under Exclusive LOI) For Sale: Turn-key Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory


For Sale – Recently built-out COLA accredited, CLIA compliant Genomics Laboratory in western Texas.

Recently Sold Labs

SOLD: Turn-Key CLIA Licensed Laboratory – SW Florida

SW Florida

Beautiful CLIA Licensed Laboratory in SW Florida

SOLD: CLIA Licensed Laboratory for Sale near Fayetteville, NC

Near Fayetteville, NC

Looking to sell built-out CLIA licensed laboratory with instrumentation near Fayetteville, NC

SOLD: CLIA Licensed Laboratory

Florida (Near Panama City)

Newly built-out CLIA licensed laboratory near Panama City Beach, FL.

SOLD: Pennsylvania Lab – Looking to sell built-out CLIA licensed laboratory with instrumentation


For Sale: Well maintained in-network CLIA and COLA certified toxicology laboratory.


For Sale: LC/MS – Agilent 6460 and Agilent 6420


Working with a lab seeking to sell both their Agilent 6460 and Agilent 6420 LC/MS instruments. Both instruments are in good condition.