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Gastroenterology & Endoscopy In-House Lab Testing

Enhance Your Practice with In-House Lab Testing

Building a laboratory within a gastroenterology (GI) or endoscopy practice is a strategic move providers often explore. This helps to boost control over their samples and improve their standing with private payers, providing physicians with increased efficiency and revenue opportunities.

Whether you are exploring building a lab from the ground up or adding new lines of testing – we are here to help!

Gastroenterology and Endoscopy In-House Lab Testing

Would your practice benefit from an in-house lab?

There are three primary questions to help you understand whether you would benefit from keeping your testing in-house:

  • Do you have the specimen volume to support a Global lab?
  • Will payers reimburse you for pathology services?
  • Do you have the right to send specimens to your lab of choice?

Typically, if a lab sends out at least 4,000 to 5,000 samples annually, it makes sense to consider the benefits of keeping that testing in-house. Check out our recent breakdown of other key considerations when adding an in-house lab.

Our Lighthouse Lab Services team understands this process’s intricacies and is committed to guiding you every step of the way. Whether it’s making the initial decision, planning the set-up, or navigating regulatory requirements, our expertise is at your disposal.


If you own the pathology, it’s part of your practice. You not only cut down on turnaround times, but you are able to treat the patient a little more holistically by developing a greater relationship between the pathologist and the clinician.

Rod Glose

Director of Pathology Consulting, Lighthouse Lab Services

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In an industry where accuracy reigns supreme, every millimeter counts. It is that attention to detail that makes a successful pathology lab.
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Our Portfolio

See below a few examples of the labs that we have built.

The Pathology Lab Solutions team works beside you, guiding your practice every step of the way as you establish your in-house lab.

Key Coding Questions

Once you have decided to build an in-house lab, you’ll want to be sure you understand the billing and payer landscape that will impact how you are reimbursed for your laboratory services. Fortunately, Lighthouse also has an expert revenue cycle consulting team that keeps our clients up to date on the latest coding and compliance procedures to ensure they can keep their practice operating smoothly.

Have a question related to coding for gastrointestinal, endoscopy, or related laboratory procedures? Check out our coding guide here or contact us.

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What Does It Cost to Start an In-House Pathology Laboratory?

When considering the cost to establish your laboratory, you have to be sure to consider both the fixed and variable aspects of your start-up and operational expenses. The cost is also directly related to the number of specimens you plan to process. More specimens = more staff + more equipment.

In total, most physician office labs will cost about $350,000-$550,000, made up primarily of the cost of construction, lab equipment, and consulting fees.

While that may sound like a significant upfront expense for small- and mid-sized practices, the return on investment (ROI) for building an in-house pathology lab is typically realized relatively quickly. And with an estimated build time of six months, most practices can recoup their costs while enhancing patient care within a reasonable timeframe.

Learn more in this article: What Does It Cost to Start an In-House Pathology Lab?

Why Would We Consider Starting an In-House Pathology Lab, or Physician Office Laboratory (POL)?

Starting an in-house pathology lab, or physician office laboratory (POL), provides a number of benefits for both physicians and patients. A POL is a lab that operates within a physician’s office or clinic and offers diagnostic testing and pathology services to patients.

By having a pathology lab on-site, physicians can quickly and easily obtain test results, which can help inform their diagnoses and treatment decisions. Additionally, owning and operating a POL within your practice allows you to keep revenue lost when shipping samples out to reference laboratories, which in turn increases the value of your practice as a whole.

How Long Does it Take to Build an In-House Pathology Lab?

We plan on 6 months, but it can be less. There are two external factors that can significantly affect the timeline, either expediting or delaying the laboratory buildout project: State licensing and construction.

Our experience in both areas helps get your lab running faster.

Do We Have Enough Space for The Laboratory?

This is one of the first questions that needs to be answered and is dependent on several factors.

SHAPE: The shape of the lab space influences the design. Typically, a rectangular room with 350+ sq ft works well.
LOCATION WITHIN BUILDING: Due to the relatively large quantities of hazardous/flammable chemicals required by the lab, the first or second floor of a building is ideal. Other floors require more planning.
VENTILATION: It is critical that the ventilation plan be designed specifically for the space and use.
ELECTRICAL: Adequate electrical amperage must be available.
FIRE SAFETY MEASURES: The lab may require fire rating and sprinklers.
PLUMBING: Access to plumbing is necessary.

 Our team will help you design a compliant space that meets all building codes, plus the needs of the lab.

Do We Need a Consultant to Open a Pathology Lab?

While regulations don’t require a consultant, it is highly recommended you use one.

Hiring a consultant has the potential to save you money by avoiding many of the common delays labs run into when they are built without expert advice.

When you hire Lighthouse Lab Services as your consultant, you get the expertise and experience of laboratory professionals whose careers have been built designing, opening, and operating pathology labs.

Should We Buy New or Used Laboratory Equipment?

If you don’t know the history of a piece of used equipment, it is best to buy a new one. There are a few large pieces that can be considered for “used” purchase from one of our equipment refurbishing partners. Most small equipment is recommended to be purchased new.

The Pathology Lab Solutions team at Lighthouse selects equipment based on each individual lab’s needs.

When helping a lab make equipment selections, we consider specimen volume as well as whether traditional or microwave processing is best for the lab. We look to minimize potential downtime without requiring redundancy.

Can We Find The Necessary Staff?

Yes! We’ve never had a problem and we’ve worked in some locations where you might think finding qualified staff and histology technicians would be difficult.

In fact, our long history as the nation’s leading laboratory recruiting firm has helped Lighthouse Lab Services develop a database with 190,000+ clinical lab professionals, giving us unparalleled access to candidates.

Lighthouse Lab Services helps you hire qualified staff who can provide quality pathology services. We will:

  • Do your hiring
  • Train you to hire for future needs
  • Assist with onboarding and HR
  • Provide a money-saving strategy to hire lab assistants for some tasks
  • Train your Histotech to be the Lab Manager

Will The Odors From The Lab Impact My Patients?

Though pathology labs do generate some chemical odors or fumes, ensuring proper ventilation eliminates this unwanted presence. If properly planned and executed, the lab’s ventilation system should handle any fumes. This leads to minimal to no impact on your patients, staff, and visitors.

We work with your HVAC contractor to develop a system to meet OSHA regulations and the comfort of your patients and staff.

"Thanks to Pathology Lab Solutions team for all your efforts in helping to create the lab. We have all greatly benefited from your expertise and your overall support has been very helpful."

Dennis O’Neill, Pathologist, Eastern Connecticut Health Network

"Based on my experience with PLS I would recommend their services, because they have a strong commitment to excellence in all they do. The entire team at PLS is professional, helpful, and efficient. In addition to these things, PLS has been inventive in responding to the unique needs of our lab. My overall experience with the Pathology Lab Solutions team has been positive."

Christie Youngs, Lab Assistant, Digestive Disease Medicine of CNY’

"Lighthouse Lab Services has helped us set up our physician office lab for urine toxicology. They are very professional and organized. I would highly recommend their services."

Julia Ashford, Ashford Pain Solutions

"Pathology Lab Solutions described in 5 words: High Quality, Professional, Responsive, Competent, Trusted Partner."

Andrea Dietz, Administrator, Urology of Central PA, Inc.

"This is truly a lab that the Cl group can be proud to call their own. It allows plenty of room for expansion as business continues to grow. Thanks to Rod Close for doing such a great job."

Robert H. Tessier, Senior Reimbursement Consultant, HBP Services, Inc.

"We hired a MLT and Lab Director thanks to Lighthouse and everything has been smooth sailing. They are both knowledgeable, thorough, professional and have helped our practice tremendously. Thank you again Lighthouse for matching us perfectly."


"It’s my pleasure working with Lighthouse on recruiting our Lab Director. [Candidates]…spoke highly of your company. They trust the quality service and the transparency your team has provided them. We can certainly understand why we feel the same way about your knowledge in the lab field and Lighthouse Lab Services putting the clients’ interest at heart."

Reference Lab Recruiting Client

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