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Reasons to Trust a Consulting Company with Your Lab Startup

The unpredictability of starting a medical laboratory business creates many potential pitfalls. Prepare your business for success with guidance from startup experts—explore four reasons to trust a consulting company with your lab startup.


Allocate Resources

First, consider hiring a consulting company to speed up the process of resource allotment. A team of consultants will use their expertise to help you gather the materials you will need to run a successful business.

At this stage of development, your consultants will:

  • Create test menus. A custom-tailored menu suits your specialty and meets the needs of clients in your region. Consultants can also offer insight on industry trends, inspiring your growth and innovation.
  • Determine your instrumentation and software. Preferred relationship status with major vendors gives you access to better prices. Let consultants negotiate on equipment price, support, and training.
  • Make a detailed list of the supplies you need. A comprehensive list of supplies and consumables prepares you for success.
  • Help you select a lab location. Acquire a site that fulfills the needs of your lab’s test menu, throughput, and growth plans, and design a compliant laboratory.

Obtain Credentialing

Another reason to trust a consulting company with your lab startup is that they support you through credentialing. From the application process through enrollment, you should hire consultants for state license application processing and COLA, CLIA, and CAP certification applications.

Following federal and state regulations requires compliance across multiple aspects of your lab. Let consultants guide your lab in all areas related to compliance, including hiring a qualified Laboratory Director and providing ownership disclosures.


Hire Professional Staff

Efficiently hire qualified lab professionals for permanent or temporary positions. You can save time and money by running your lab with skilled staff at all levels.

With a proprietary database of industry professionals, your consulting firm can attract the best candidates. Your consultants will communicate the needs of your lab to worthwhile candidates, aid in interview coordination, and provide guidance through the job offer and acceptance process.


Implement Best Practices

You can hire laboratory business consultants to assist in preparing procedures, validating equipment, and training staff to run specimens. Be sure to write thorough standard operation procedures (SOPs) that support consistency and safety during experiments.

Verify that instruments perform according to their intended purposes with a comprehensive equipment validation process. An effective training program keeps staff safe and helps ensure consistency and accuracy.

When you’re ready, hire Lighthouse Lab Services for expert assistance in starting a medical laboratory business. Our six-step startup process offers an unparalleled experience designed for your success. Create your business in partnership with industry-leading experts; contact us today for a free consultation.


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