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Job Title City State Job ID Category
Charlotte NC 14108 Staff Laboratory
Nashville TN 14135 Staff Laboratory
Administrator of Laboratory Services
New York NY 13829 Laboratory Management
Anatomic Pathology Lab Manager
Portland ME 13733 Histology
Blood Bank Manager
Baton Rouge LA 14082 Laboratory Management
Blood Bank Supervisor
Post Falls ID 14029 Laboratory Management
Business Development Manager
Charlotte NC 14153 Join the LLS Team
Certifying Scientist
Morrisville NC 14144 Toxicology
Certifying Scientist ( Days )
Irvine CA 14048 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Scientist – Blood Bank
Waynesboro VA 14170 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Scientist (CLS)
Artesia CA 14162 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Scientist – Generalist
Charlottesville VA 14166 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Scientist II – Flow Cytometry and Immunology
Charlottesville VA 13337 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Scientist II – Microbiology/Molecular
Charlottesville VA 13187 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Supervisor – Hematology
Atlanta Georgia 14128 Laboratory Management
Clinical Lab Supervisor – Histology
Atlanta Georgia 14127 Laboratory Management
Clinical Lab Supervisor – Microbiology
Atlanta Georgia 14060 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Director
Los Angeles CA 14005 CLIA Laboratory Director
Clinical Laboratory Director
Paramus NJ 14068 CLIA Laboratory Director
Clinical Laboratory Director
Baltimore MD 14186 CLIA Laboratory Director
Clinical Laboratory Director
Pittsburgh PA 14187 CLIA Laboratory Director
Clinical Laboratory Quality Assurance Director
Nashville TN 13534 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS/MT)
Boston MA 14063 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Molecular Testing ( Evenings )
Los Angeles CA 14113 Molecular
Clinical Laboratory Supervisor / Core Lab
Poughkeepsie NY 14010 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Technician
Tallahassee FL 13708 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Technologist / Microbiology
Orlando FL 14012 Staff Laboratory
Core Lab Supervisor
Baton Rouge LA 14077 Laboratory Management
CT / Cytotechnologist
Waynesboro VA 11593 Cytology
West Palm Beach FL 13965 Cytology
Wilson NC 13966 Cytology
Dallas TX 14188 Cytology
Cytotechnologist -Anatomic Pathology
Nasvhille TN 13536 Staff Laboratory
Cytotechnologist ( Evenings )
Philadelphia PA 14078 Cytology
Director of Lab Operations
San Bernardino CA 13772 Laboratory Management
Executive Director
Redwood City CA 14028 Laboratory Management
Executive Director
Redwood City CA 14040 Laboratory Management
FISH / Cytogenetic Technologist
Tampa FL 14120 Staff Laboratory
Forensic Molecular Technologist
Houston TX 14079 Molecular
General Lab Supervisor
Bloomington IL 13866 Laboratory Management
General Lab Supervisor
Rockford IL 13867 Laboratory Management
General Lab Supervisor / Molecular
San Jose CA 14172 Laboratory Management
General Laboratory Supervisor
Houston TX 14122 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor
Fort Lauderdale FL 13824 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor
Chicago IL 14168 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor –TEMP
New Orleans LA 14134 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor –TEMP
Boston MA 14137 Laboratory Management
Grossing Technician ( Overnights )
Dallas TX 14183 Histology
Healthcare Data Integration Specialist
Raleigh NC 13964 Join the LLS Team
Healthcare Interface Specialist
Charlotte NC 13963 Join the LLS Team
Histology Subject Matter Expert
Anywhere NC 14073 Histology
New York NY 14185 Staff Laboratory
Histotechnician / Mohs
Bloomington IL 14148 Histology
Histotechnician / Mohs
Seattle WA 14149 Histology
Lafayette LA 13756 Histology
Charlottesville VA 13954 Histology
Cincinnati OH 14146 Histology
Bloomington OH 14147 Histology
Histotechnologist ( Nights )
Sarasota FL 13538 Histology
HT / HTL Histology Technologist ( Days )
Dallas TX 14180 Histology
IT Systems Manager
Charlotte NC 14154 Join the LLS Team
Lab Accessioner / Specimen Processor
Salisbury NC 14118 Staff Laboratory
Lab Supervisor
Santa Fe NM 14076 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Director, MD/PhD (Part-time)
Anywhere US 9752 CLIA Laboratory Director
Laboratory Manager
Springfield IL 13857 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager
Winfield KS 14116 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager
Poughkeepsie NY 14151 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager / Clinical Pathology
Albuquerque NM 13835 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Operations Manager
Charlotte NC 14150 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Quality Assurance Manager
Dallas TX 13820 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Sales Representative
New Orleans LA 13909 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Representative
Jacksonville FL 13910 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Denver CO 13839 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Chicago IL 13840 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Milwaukee WI 13841 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Miami FL 13854 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Washington DC 14088 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Houston TX 14090 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Minneapolis MN 14182 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Green Brook NJ 14196 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Supervisor
Boston MA 14055 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor
Birmingham AL 14065 Molecular
Laboratory Supervisor
Boston MA 14087 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor / Molecular
Orlando FL 14181 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Technologist
Charlotte NC 14110 Molecular
Laboratory Technologist / Molecular
Milwaukee WI 14158 Staff Laboratory
LCMS Operator
Morrisville NC 14143 Toxicology
LCMS Scientist, Toxicology
Bowling Green KY 14002 Toxicology
LCMS Technologist
Charlotte NC 13981 Join the LLS Team
Lead Medical Technologist, Core Lab MT / MLS
Charlotte NC 14091 Laboratory Management
Lead Microbiology Technologist
Charlotte NC 14195 Molecular
Manager, Immunohistochemistry Laboratory
New Haven CT 14102 Laboratory Management
Medical Assistant
Atlanta GA 14061 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Technologist — TEMP
New Orleans LA 14133 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Technologist — TEMP
Boston MA 14138 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Director
Brooklyn NY 14157 CLIA Laboratory Director
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Kankakee IL 13904 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Scientist ( Evenings / Overnights )
Baton Rouge LA 14081 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Atlanta Georgia 13888 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technician
Aitkin MN 14103 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technician (Molecular)
Buffalo NY 13354 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technician (Molecular)
Syracuse NY 14139 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technician/Technologist
New York NY 14074 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Boston MA 13986 Laboratory Management
Medical Technologist
Charlotte NC 14083 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Lockport NY 14084 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Aitkin MN 14104 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Atlanta Georgia 14126 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Austin TX 14130 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Charlotte NC 14161 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Chicago IL 14171 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Havre MT 14200 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / CLS (Molecular)
Rockford IL 14197 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist/Core Lab
Philadelphia PA 14190 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Generalist
Albuquerque NM 13837 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Generalist
Dallas TX 14173 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Generalist
Myrtle Beach SC 14176 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (Generalist/Molecular)
Fort Lauderdale FL 14198 Molecular
Medical Technologist/Hematology
Nashville TN 14098 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Histology
Albuquerque NM 13836 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist II /Core Lab($15000 Sign-on Bonus)
Philadelphia PA 13998 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist/Infectious Disease
Philadelphia PA 14192 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / MLS, Generalist
Charlotte NC 13882 Join the LLS Team
Medical Technologist (Molecular)
Tallahassee FL 13707 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (MT)/Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) — Temp/Travel
anytown NC 12593 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist- TEMP
Baltimore MD 14177 Temp - Local
Medical Technologist / Toxicology
POMPANO BEACH FL 14184 Staff Laboratory
Microbiology Medical Technologist / MT / MLS
Nashville TN 14099 Staff Laboratory
Microbiology Technical Consultant
Anywhere NC 14072 Staff Laboratory
MLS/MT Medical Laboratory Scientist ( Evening / Overnight )
Dallas TX 13968 Staff Laboratory
Molecular CLS/CGMBS
San Francisco CA 14124 Molecular
Molecular Lab Manager
Savannah GA 14132 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Lab Specialist Supervisor
Charlotte NC 14064 Join the LLS Team
Molecular Lab Supervisor
Davie FL 13667 Laboratory Management
Molecular Lab Technician
Birmingham AL 14066 Molecular
Molecular Laboratory Manager
Miami FL 14123 Molecular
Molecular Supervisor
Chicago IL 14141 Laboratory Management
Molecular Supervisor
Charlottesville VA 14155 Laboratory Management
Molecular Technical Supervisor
Irvine CA 13931 Laboratory Management
Molecular Technical Supervisor
Monroe CT 14085 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technician
Nashville TN 14136 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Nashville TN 12971 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Teterboro NJ 14041 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Waco TX 14046 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Mobile AL 14054 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Kansas City MO 14100 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Pittsburgh PA 14101 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Salisbury NC 14119 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Syracuse NY 14140 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Morrisville NC 14145 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Phoenix AZ 14164 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
West Palm Beach FL 14174 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Nashville TN 14178 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Charleston WV 14194 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Pensacola FL 14201 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist (Day Shift)
Boca Raton FL 13864 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist ( Evenings )
Savannah GA 14131 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist (General Supervisor)/Salary Increase!
St. Augustine FL 13833 Molecular
Molecular Technologist, Infectious Disease
Dallas GA 14051 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist ( Overnights )
Dallas TX 13970 Molecular
Molecular Technologist/Technician
Wake Forest NC 14179 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist
Wolf Point MT 13787 Staff Laboratory
MT/MLS Medical Technologist, Generalist
Raleigh NC 14163 Staff Laboratory
MT/MLT Medical Technologist, Generalist ( Evenings/Nights )
Monte Vista CO 14175 Staff Laboratory
MT/ MLT – Medical Technologist/ Medical Lab Technician
Brookfield Missouri 14092 Staff Laboratory
Neuropathology Scientist
Bellingham WA 14093 Staff Laboratory
Part-Time Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Molecular Testing ( Days )
Los Angeles CA 14114 Molecular
Part-Time MLS/MT Medical Laboratory Scientist ( Evenings )
Dallas TX 13971 Staff Laboratory
Nashville TN 13984 CLIA Laboratory Director
Pathologist Assistant
Rome GA 14094 Histology
Pharmacogenomics Laboratory Supervisor
St Paul MN 13149 Laboratory Management
Durham NC 14152 Staff Laboratory
Charlottesville VA 14167 Staff Laboratory
Phlebotomy Services District Supervisor
Dallas TX 13849 Staff Laboratory
Point of Care Coordinator
Kankakee IL 14202 Staff Laboratory
Pre-Analytic Manager
Portland ME 13736 Laboratory Management
Pre-Analytic Supervisor
Portland ME 13730 Laboratory Management
Quality Assurance Analyst
Atlanta Georgia 14125 Staff Laboratory
Quality Assurance Specialist
Nashville TN 13532 Clerical/Administrative
Quality Control Specialist
Raleigh NC 14070 Staff Laboratory
RA/QA Specialist
Piscataway NJ 13959 Laboratory Management
Recruiting Associate
Holly Springs NC 14057 Join the LLS Team
Regional Director of Phlebotomy Services
Dallas TX 13850 Staff Laboratory
Research Associate, Assay Development
San Jose CA 13900 Molecular
Research Associate, Mass Spectrometry
San Jose CA 14111 Staff Laboratory
Scientist, Assay Development
San Jose CA 13899 Staff Laboratory
Scientist, Assay Development (Level I and II)
Lowell MA 14097 Staff Laboratory
Senior Director of Operations
Chicago IL 14050 Laboratory Management
Senior Scientist
Austin TX 14129 Staff Laboratory
Specimen Accessioning Supervisor
Charlotte NC 14165 Staff Laboratory
Specimen Processor
Chicago IL 14169 Staff Laboratory
Specimen Processor — TEMP
Boston MA 14142 Staff Laboratory
Staff Accountant
Charlotte NC 14112 Join the LLS Team
Technical Specialist/Core Lab ($12,500 Sign on Bonus)
Philadelphia PA 14189 Staff Laboratory
Technical Specialist/Immunogenetics
Philadelphia PA 14191 Staff Laboratory
Technical Supervisor, Toxicology Technologist
Warren MI 14121 Staff Laboratory
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