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Independent Reference  Laboratory Startup Options

Ready to start your own Independent Reference Laboratory but not sure where to begin? We offer easy, cost-effective ways to start your own lab with various lines of testing. Our team is here to help you start up quickly and efficiently:

  • Proven success in starting Reference Labs. 
  • Established vendor relationships allow us to pass discounts on to you.
  • Our technical team’s expertise is imperative for developing a compliant lab and test menu.   
  • No contractors – our team handles your entire project.
  • Your success is our success. We ensure that your lab is up and running compliantly and that you have continued success. 


Our Compass Plan features a flat fee cost. Our team will offer startup services to help you build and start your own Reference Laboratory.
This is a service-only plan.



Our Affiliate Plan for Independent Reference Labs is structured as a Percent of Revenue Share fee. This is our most inclusive plan and allows us to come alongside you to ensure you have success in building, starting, and running your Reference Lab.

This is an all-inclusive plan.



Test Menu Customization
Laboratory Director
CAP or ISO accreditation
LIS EMR Integration

Our Technical Team

Our Technical Team is highly qualified in various specialities within the clinical laboratory industry. They will be guiding your lab startup as well as ensuring the technical and scientific aspects of your lab meet compliance standards.

Dr. Jim Fuller, PhD, DABCC, FAACC

Dr. Jim Fuller, PhD, DABCC, FAACC

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Fuller is our in-house Chief Scientific Officer. With over 20 years of experience in the laboratory industry, Dr. Fuller’s expertise is paramount as you begin your new lab.

Areas of expertise:  New laboratory startups, quality control and assurance, accreditation, test commercialization, laboratory operations, and molecular diagnostics.

Certifications: CQA (Certified Quality Auditor), DABCC (Molecular Diagnostics), DLM (Diplomate in Laboratory Management), MB(ASCP) Technologist in Molecular Biology, and more.



Molecular Geneticist, Laboratory Director

Dr. Meghnani has 10+ years of Molecular Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences experience. She is also a certified Toxicological Chemist and Molecular Geneticist.

Areas of expertise: Clinical Laboratory startups, Toxicology, Hematology, PGx, NGSCLIA, COLA, CAP, Molecular diagnostic, Genetics, qPCR, NGS, multiplex PCR.

Certifications: National Registry of Clinical Chemists, Toxicological Chemist, MB(ASCP), Technologist in Molecular Biology



Rahul Nahire, PhD, SC(ASCP), TC(NRCC)

Rahul Nahire, PhD, SC(ASCP), TC(NRCC)

Toxicologist, Technical Supervisor, Laboratory Director

Dr. Nahire has 10+ years of Clinical Toxicology and Chemistry research experience, along with two patents and several published articles in scientific journals.

Areas of expertise: Clinical Laboratory, Toxicology, Clinical Chemistry, Drugs of Abuse testing, LC-MS/MS Method Development and Validations, CLIA/CAP/COLA/JCO Inspection preparation. Special Chemistry (ASCP), Toxicological Chemist

Dr. Qian Cheng, PHD, CC(NRCC)

Dr. Qian Cheng, PHD, CC(NRCC)

Technical Specialist, Toxicologist, Laboratory Director

Dr. Cheng has 15+ years of experience in the laboratory industry. He has hands-on experience in LCMS/GCMS analytical method development and method validation, quality control, process improvement and more.

Areas of Expertise: Molecular Technology and hands-on experience in drug metabolism, mass spectrometers, such as linear ion trap, triple quad, qTOF and Orbitrap, and analytical instrument operation.

Our Past Clients

Full Startup - Toxicology, Chemistry, Molecular Pathology (Atlanta, GA)

We provided a full-scale startup solution for our client in the southeast. Initially starting as a small drug testing laboratory, they have rapidly expanded to a full-service lab with 100+ employees, offering a variety of general lab tests and specialized genetic testing.

Full Startup - Toxicology (Milwaukee, WI)

We provided a comprehensive lab startup for our toxicology laboratory client. With our help, our client passed their first CLIA inspection with zero deficiencies. They have been met with immediate success and we are currently working on expansion plans to assist them with continual growth.

Full Startup - Allergy (Los Angeles, CA)

We brought a turnkey startup solution to start an allergy testing lab for this key global opinion leader to perform testing on patients from all over the nation.  This testing allows them to customize and monitor programs for patients in order to treat and eventually cure deadly allergic reactions.

Full Startup (Houston, TX)

We provided a full-scale startup solution for a gastrointestinal and respiratory specialty lab in Houston, TX. With our help, the client was able to quickly establish a nationwide presence. We are currently assisting them with adding an infectious disease testing line.

Full Startup - Physician Office Lab, Toxicology (Dallas, TX)

We assisted a physician in bringing toxicology confirmation testing into his own pain care practice.  We currently provide on-going guidance and consulting to his practice to ensure the success of his Physician Office Lab.

Full Startup + Commercialization (Morgantown, WV)

We built a turnkey lab for this client to perform their lab-developed tests to provide early diagnosis for Melanoma and Esophageal Cancers.  This client spent years in R&D, as well as clinical trials and looked to us to help them commercialize their tests.

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