Test Validation

Our team of High-Complexity Laboratory Directors has experience working in a variety of different specialties and has hands-on experience with most major instrumentation. We have specialists in toxicology, molecular genetics, cancer genetics, microbiology, infectious disease, and allergy testing. We can validate new tests for just about any test menu.

Laboratory Developed Tests that we most commonly validate:


  • Toxicology Confirmation via LC/MS-MS
  • Molecular PCR Infectious Disease Panels – UTI, Respiratory, Gastro, Women’s Health, Wound, Fungal, STI (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • Molecular Next Generation Sequencing – Inherited Disease / Cancer Genetic Panels (CGx)
  • COVID-19 Diagnostic test by PCR
  • COVID-19 Antibody serology tests (Lateral flow and ELISA) 

How we can help:

Our Scientists will be onsite at your lab to get the process started and will provide a validation plan for your technical staff.  We will write a validation summary and, in an effort to keep costs as low as possible, we will continue to work remotely with your staff.  We will then start the initial test, and provide a validation plan for your technical staff to finish running the validation samples.

Our scientists will also consult with your technical staff on performing and writing Correlation Studies and Specimen Stability studies. We can also train your staff on the instrumentation, sample prep, loading of the instrument and data interpretation.