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Top Skills That Make a Great Laboratory Manager

Working in a laboratory is one thing, but managing it is something else entirely. To manage a lab, you must conduct research and simultaneously take the lead and guide people in their jobs. If you want to know if you have what it takes, here are some of the top skills that contribute to a great laboratory manager.


The Ability to Lead

This skill may seem obvious, but that does not make it any less important. When taking the role of a laboratory manager, you need to be able to provide direction for your employees and make decisions that are good for the entire team and not just one person.

It also is important that you can inspire others. As the lab manager, you will need to motivate people to be enthusiastic so they stay productive in their work. Otherwise, you may find you need to do better.


The Ability to Communicate

Another top skill that contributes to a great laboratory manager is the ability to communicate. You must clearly convey the direction and strategic goals of your lab’s work and do a good job of nurturing a positive work environment.

You can accomplish this by making yourself fully approachable to your associates and having lots of positive formal and informal communication with them. Your openness will make them more loyal to you, and they will want to continue working at your lab.


The Ability to Solve Problems

When workers run into issues, they may try to solve them themselves, but they often turn to their leaders for a solution. This makes it important that you can solve problems in the lab manager role. You need to be able to creatively think up solutions that your employees may have missed.

It’s also important for you to come up with solutions calmly and quickly so your employees can get back to work. If you don’t have this skill, your lab may fall behind and experience a lapse in its productivity.


The Ability to Budget

It is also essential for a laboratory manager to have budgeting skills. You need to know how much your lab spends and if it is staying within its limits. In addition, you need to watch out for any grants or opportunities that will add to your laboratory’s funds. Those can help your employees make a major discovery or help you add new equipment to your lab.


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