Toxicology Method Development + Validation with Our Staff

Having solid testing methods established early on in your startup can be the difference between a lab’s failure or success. Our technical staff can help you develop appropriate and cost-effective testing methods.

How we can help :

Our consulting team can create a custom method specific to your test menu – giving you the ability to test on a wide range of drugs on instruments including Sciex, Agilent, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Shimadzu. Our technical team can develop custom panels of over 100+ drugs and analytes.

Our high complexity laboratory directors are all PhD level Scientists and will be on-site to perform the method development. Our scientific team can also train your staff on the instrumentation, sample prep, loading of the instrument, data interpretation, and certifying reports.

With this Method Development and Validation service, we will also provide a validation plan for your technical staff and remotely write a validation summary with the results. We will then start the initial test, and provide a validation plan for your technical staff to finish running the validation samples. 

Our scientists will also consult with your technical staff on performing and writing Correlation Studies and Specimen Stability studies.