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2022 Covid-19 coding updates and revisions

The following updates for Covid-19-related codes went into effect Oct. 1, 2021:


  • U09.9 – Post COVID-19 conditions, unspecified
    • This code is not to be used in cases that are still presenting with active COVID-19.  However, an exception is made in cases if re-infection with COVID-19, occurring with a condition to prior COVID-19.
    • Code first the specific condition related to COVID-19, if known, such as:
      • Chronic respiratory failure (J96.1-)
      • Loss of smell or taste (R43.8)
      • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (M35.81)
  • R05 – Cough
    • R05.1 – Acute cough
    • R05.2 – Subacute cough
    • R05.3 – Chronic cough
    • R05.4 – Cough syncope
    • R05.8 – Other specified cough
    • R05.9 – Cough, unspecified


Pre-procedural testing:

• Primary code: Z01.812 – Encounter for pre-procedural laboratory examination.

Secondary code: Z20.822 – Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other viral communicable diseases

Suspected or actual exposure to Covid-19 – Symptomatic/Asymptomatic:

Symptomatic Z20.822 – For symptomatic patients with actual exposure or suspected exposure to Covid-19 when the infection has been ruled out or test results are inconclusive or unknown.

o Signs and symptoms should also be used along with Z20.822

Asymptomatic Z20.822 – For asymptomatic patients with actual exposure or suspected exposure to Covid-19. No additional diagnoses code is needed.


Other new Covid codes:

J12.82 – Pneumonia due to Covid-19

M35.81 – Multisystem inflammatory syndrome

M35.89 – Other specified systemic involvement of connective tissue

Z86.16 – Personal history of Covid-19


Use of signs and symptoms:

For patients presenting with signs and symptoms, such as fever or cough, assign the appropriate code(s) for either confirmed exposure or suspected exposure use Z20.822 along with a diagnosis code for each of the signs and symptoms that present, such as:

R05 – Cough (see above)

R06.02 – Shortness of breath

R07.0 – Pain throat

R09.81 – Congestion

R43.8 – Loss of smell and taste

R50.9 – Fever

R68.83 – Chills without fever

U07.1 should continue to be used for confirmed cases of Covid-19 that will be reported to the CDC. This should only be used if Covid-19 has been confirmed

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