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LC-MS Instrument Solutions

Whether you are working to develop therapeutics, improve water quality, process drug confirmation testing, or conduct product safety testing, Lighthouse Lab Services offers Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) solutions that help to advance human health. 

We are pioneers within the mass spectrometry ecosystem. As mass spectrometry became mainstream, we created and customized a menu of service offerings, spanning from developing and assisting in validating methods to providing best-in-class field service expertise.

Sectors Served by our LC-MS Instrument Services:

Physician Office Labs

Reference Labs

Drug Courts

Urgent Care Centers



Environmental Testing

Behavioral Health Centers

Government Labs

Academic Centers


Cannabis Labs

Our Services

Our seasoned engineers boast years of proficiency across a wide array of instruments, with many having previously worked for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Whether you require simple troubleshooting, repairs, equipment purchase, or optimizing LC-MS systems, our experts have you covered. We have:

  • Highly trained and tenured field service engineers (FSE)
  • Wide range of products to support peak performance
  • Extensive spare parts inventory from OEM and/or approved third-party suppliers who meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • PEAK gas generators and select HPLC products

LC-MS Instrument Service Contracts

Lighthouse offers flexible service contracts best to fit your lab’s instrument service support needs. Our certified engineers use OEM parts, adhere to the highest industry standards, and can be relied on to keep your instruments operating at peak performance.

Standard Service Contract


Emergency calls. Includes parts and consumables. 


Response time.

Preventative Maintenance

Inclusive of labor and parts.


Preventative maintenance visit on the liquid chromatograph per year.


Preventative maintenance visits on the mass spectrometer per year.

Preventative Maintenance Contract


Service for instruments billed based on time and material.


Preventative Maintenance

Inclusive of parts and labor.


Preventative maintenance visit on the liquid chromatograph per year.


Preventative maintenance visits on the mass spectrometer per year.

Time and Materials Service


Service for instruments billed based on time and materials.





LC-MS Instrument Services Highlights

Whether you own the instrument or are considering a pre-owned purchase, Lighthouse provides the service needed to ensure optimum system performance. We will deliver a fully warrantied system ready for any GLP lab environment. Lighthouse can provide:

Maintenance and repair services

Operator training

Applications and method support

Moves and installations

Replacement parts

Refurbished instruments

PM Kits and consumables

Peripherals and accessories

Routine Analysis & Standard Sensitivity

Mass spectrometers classified for routine analysis and standard sensitivity are ideal when requiring high performance at lower sensitivity levels.

Enhanced Sensitivity

We sell and lease an assortment of cost-effective SCIEX and AGILENT mass spectrometers for applications requiring enhanced sensitivity.

Highest Sensitivity Analyzers

SCIEX 6500+ and AGILENT 6490 are ideal choices when the highest levels of selectivity and sensitivity are required.

"We love Lighthouse. Incredible support. Great account management. Superior technical support. We all talk about how great it has been to work with [Lighthouse]. We cannot say enough positive about the company. "

R. Scott LaNeve, General Manager, Drugscan, Inc.

"Lighthouse Lab Services has helped us set up our physician office lab for urine toxicology. They are very professional and organized. I would highly recommend their services."

Julia Ashford, Ashford Pain Solutions

"My lab just finished the validation of a Turn-Key Covid-19 lab using Lighthouse Lab Services. We had a great experience and are looking forward to future projects as we grow. They assisted with everything from finding equipment, supplies, validation and training. I highly recommended them."

Ameritech Diagnostic Labs

"We are all impressed with the work that Lighthouse Lab Services does to help the clinical laboratory community... We have been working tirelessly over the last year tackling all of the complexities involved in starting up a clinical lab from scratch… We are… overjoyed to have [a lab director] onboard via Lighthouse."

Christine Barnard, Founder & CEO, Atlas Quality Assurance Laboratories

"I want to commend your team (again) for being such great partners. Your service levels have been the best of any of our Covid suppliers – instrumentation, supplies, and/or reagents. We are grateful we found Lighthouse and look forward to working together."

Consulting & Covid Assay Client

"We hired a MLT and Lab Director thanks to Lighthouse and everything has been smooth sailing. They are both knowledgeable, thorough, professional and have helped our practice tremendously. Thank you again Lighthouse for matching us perfectly."


"Impressive Team and always ready to serve!"

Shea Harrelson, Vikor Scientific

"Lighthouse is professional, responsive, and has always provided quality candidates."


"It’s my pleasure working with Lighthouse on recruiting our Lab Director. [Candidates]…spoke highly of your company. They trust the quality service and the transparency your team has provided them. We can certainly understand why we feel the same way about your knowledge in the lab field and Lighthouse Lab Services putting the clients’ interest at heart."

Reference Lab Recruiting Client

Related Services

Whether you’re looking to start a toxicology lab or to expand your test menu by adding drug testing – we are here to assist. We aim to empower healthcare providers and improve patient care by building labs and offering services to help physician-owned laboratories be CLIA-certified and run with state-of-the-art LC-MS technology.

Our experience building hundreds of laboratories enables us to benchmark vendor quotes against industry standards and assist in negotiating potentially more advantageous pricing on equipment, reagents, and consumable supplies.

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