Our Application Processing Service + Rates

We specialize in helping startups and growing laboratories complete their application for CLIA and COLA certification and accreditation. We understand that the credentialing process can be long, complex, and frustrating, so we use our extensive experience to manage the entire process for fast licensing with fewer headaches from start to finish.

We also help labs obtain the credentials needed to process specimens from other states. This includes the seven states which require an out-of-state lab to be licensed to process specimens from their state: California, New York, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. With our expertise, we can get you licensed faster than you could on your own while eliminating a major hassle for you and your staff.

Comprehensive CLIA, COLA, and state license application processing services rates are as follows:


  • CLIA – Starts at $500
  • CMS Region VI Toxicology Specialty – $3,500
  • COLA – $500
  • NPI – $500
  • Medicare – $5,500
  • California – $5,500
  • Maryland – $2,500
  • New York  Starts at $5,500
  • Nevada – Starts at $4,500
  • Pennsylvania – $2,500
  • Rhode Island – $2,500

NOTE: Prices may vary