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CLIA/COLA/CAP Application Processing

Application Processing Service + Rates

Lighthouse Lab Services has extensive experience in helping startups and growing laboratories complete their COLA, CLIA, and CAP application and certification. We understand that the certification process can be long, complex, and frustrating. With our extensive experience, we streamline CLIA, COLA, and CAP application processes from start to finish.

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How We Can Help

Our team helps clients navigate the complex federal and state regulatory landscape when starting a new lab or growing the test menu of their existing laboratory.

Our comprehensive approach includes recruiting a qualified Laboratory Director, determining the test menu, enrolling with deemed agencies, ownership disclosures, validation plans, and filing the CMS 116 application.

We consult and offer strategic guidance along the way to ensure our clients are able to quickly and compliantly start testing with CLIA, COLA, and CAP accreditation.

We successfully filed over 230 CLIA applications in the last two years (2020-2021) with most of our clients receiving their CLIA Certificate of Registration in less than a month.  

Mark Roth

CEO, Lighthouse Lab Services

Comprehensive CLIA, COLA, and state license application processing services rates are as follows:

  • CLIA – Starts at $1,000
  • CMS Region VI Toxicology Specialty – $3,500
  • COLA – $1,000
  • NPI – $500
  • Medicare – $5,500
  • California – $5,500
  • Maryland – $3,000
  • New York  Starts at $5,500
  • Nevada – Starts at $4,500
  • Pennsylvania – $2,500
  • Rhode Island – $2,500

NOTE: Prices may vary

Many states allow out-of-state laboratories to accept specimens, but a number require special licensure or permitting. Our team helps laboratories apply in every state they plan to enter, so your team can focus on your lab’s operations and growth.

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