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RCM Spotlight – Powered by AI

Easy Denial Management Tool

As the newest product of Lighthouse Lab Services, RCM Spotlight uses a proprietary AI engine to monitor and detect changes that affect your revenue.

The application analyzes medical claims denials, claims underpayments, and overpayments that result from improper coding or payer processing.

RCM Spotlight - Easy Denial Management

How It Works

To get started, RCM Spotlight uses a copy of the standard claim remittance data that you exchange with your payers. We then analyze the data in our proprietary AI engine and compare your results with your peers across the country to deliver insights and identify revenue enhancement opportunities.

Who We Can Help

Labs With External RCM:

The program will monitor the performance of your Revenue Cycle Management provider, compare it with peers, identify improvement opportunities and provide actionable data for improvement discussion.

Labs With Internal RCM Teams:

Service will monitor denial patterns and compare them with peers. By monitoring data, identifying improvement opportunities, and providing actionable suggestions, our team of experts can implement the changes for improved processes.

For years, we’ve been developing this new technology for labs and healthcare billing companies of all sizes. Our mission is to provide companies with cutting-edge products that help analyze, predict, avoid, and recover medical claim denials.

Vitali Khvatkov

Chief Information Officer

Service Highlights

The first analysis is FREE, reports are yours to keep.

Analyze data in our proprietary AI engine.

Compare your results with industry and peer data.

Identify revenue enhancement opportunities.

Examine standard claim and remittance data.

Fast denial root cause analysis.

Detect changes in denial patterns.

Prioritize recoverable denials.

Watch a brief demonstration of RCM Spotlight’s capabilities from Ann Lambrix, VP of RCM Consulting

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