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Molecular Diagnostic Testing

90 Days to Molecular Testing:
PGx, CGx, and Infectious Disease

Our Launch Molecular Program is an easy and cost-effective way to add Molecular Testing to your existing lab or start a new Molecular laboratory.



Leading to better ways of using drugs to manage heart disease, cancer, asthma, depression, and more.


Cancer Genomics

Detecting increased risk of Hereditary Cancer by analyzing genetic variants in patients’ DNA.


Infectious Disease

Test menu can include: GI Panel, Respiratory Panel, Wound, Nail, UTI, STI, and Anti-biotic Resistance Marker Panel. Learn More.


Liquid Biopsy

We can assist with bringing new Liquid Biopsy tests to market quickly through clinical validation as an LDT, even while FDA approval is being pursued.

Lab Scientist doing molecular test in the lab

The global market for liquid biopsy should increase from $3.8 billion in 2020 to $19.6 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.5% during the period of 2020-2025

According to BCC Research

April 2021

Important Positions for Any Medical Testing Lab

Want to Start a Molecular Lab?

By being the nation’s leading medical laboratory consulting firm, Lighthouse Lab Services has the expertise to get your lab up and running in as little as 90 days.

Starting a molecular laboratory can be challenging, so we offer our expertise and startup procedures to make this process easier and more efficient. We have a proven step-by-step method that will take you from concept to completion.

Learn more about our six-step startup process:

Our Program Services Include


All-Inclusive Consulting

Add PGx, CGx, or Infectious Disease testing with our all-inclusive Molecular Program. Includes equipment recommendations, LDTs (lab-developed tests), validation, compliance help, and more. Get access to our consulting and technical teams, including PhDs.


Qualified Professionals

We’ll ensure you have qualified Molecular Science professionals in your lab who meet industry standards. Including Molecular Technologists, Genetic Counselors, Geneticists, Bioinformatics Analysts, and Molecular Pathologists (PhD, MD).


Sample Procurement + Reimbursement Guidance

Our team will help you to build a plan to procure in-network specimen/samples and increase your reimbursement rate and operate in a favorable MAC.


Financing Options

Low up-front cost and options to finance the launch of molecular testing in your laboratory.


Medical Laboratory Director

Provide Medical laboratory directors to oversee the lab. This director is credentialled specifically for molecular lines of testing.


Operational Set Up

We’ll set you up for success on a best-in-class molecular LIMS with ready-to-use workflows, streamlined report delivery, and external sales portals.

Contact us for more information.

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Our Technical Consulting
Management Team

Our Team is highly qualified in various specialties within the clinical laboratory industry. They will guide your lab throughout the process as well as ensure the technical and scientific aspects of your lab meet compliance standards.

Chief Consulting Officer

Megan White Younts

Megan brings more than a decade of industry experience in laboratory operations and management and has personally overseen the up-fit, build-out, and go-live of more than 40 toxicology and 50 molecular laboratories in more than 20 states across the nation.

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Molecular Geneticist, Laboratory Director

Dr. Varsha Meghnani, Ph.D., TC(NRCC)

Dr. Varsha Meghnani is a board-certified Clinical lab director with more than 10 years of experience in Molecular diagnostic tests that include but not limited to Pharmacogenomics, Cancer Genomics, infectious disease, and inherited disease tests.

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Molecular Geneticist, Laboratory Director

Dr. Lori Millner, Ph.D., CC(NRCC)

Dr. Millner has been the director of high complexity laboratories & served as a consultant for numerous labs since 2015. She has performed several LDT validations & has experience with many manufacturers in molecular diagnostic testing.

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Senior Project Manager

Jo Radu

Jo brings over a decade of expertise in laboratory business and operational management. With a strong academic background in the businesses and sciences, Jo excels in her role focusing on lab start-ups and expanding clinical testing to existing labs.

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"We love Lighthouse. Incredible support. Great account management. Superior technical support. We all talk about how great it has been to work with [Lighthouse]. We cannot say enough positive about the company. "

R. Scott LaNeve, General Manager, Drugscan, Inc.

"My lab just finished the validation of a Turn-Key Covid-19 lab using Lighthouse Lab Services. We had a great experience and are looking forward to future projects as we grow. They assisted with everything from finding equipment, supplies, validation and training. I highly recommended them."

Ameritech Diagnostic Labs

"We are all impressed with the work that Lighthouse Lab Services does to help the clinical laboratory community... We have been working tirelessly over the last year tackling all of the complexities involved in starting up a clinical lab from scratch… We are… overjoyed to have [a lab director] onboard via Lighthouse."

Christine Barnard, Founder & CEO, Atlas Quality Assurance Laboratories

"I want to commend your team (again) for being such great partners. Your service levels have been the best of any of our Covid suppliers – instrumentation, supplies, and/or reagents. We are grateful we found Lighthouse and look forward to working together."

Consulting & Covid Assay Client

"We hired a MLT and Lab Director thanks to Lighthouse and everything has been smooth sailing. They are both knowledgeable, thorough, professional and have helped our practice tremendously. Thank you again Lighthouse for matching us perfectly."


"Impressive Team and always ready to serve!"

Shea Harrelson, Vikor Scientific

"Lighthouse is professional, responsive, and has always provided quality candidates."


"It’s my pleasure working with Lighthouse on recruiting our Lab Director. [Candidates]…spoke highly of your company. They trust the quality service and the transparency your team has provided them. We can certainly understand why we feel the same way about your knowledge in the lab field and Lighthouse Lab Services putting the clients’ interest at heart."

Reference Lab Recruiting Client

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