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Remote Data Review

Data Analysis & Data Review (DADR)

Running a laboratory produces an enormous amount of data used for your results, quality control, and testing failures. Remote Data Review from Lighthouse Lab Services takes your lab data and makes it meaningful.

How We Can Assist:

Remote Data Analysis keeps your lab running smoothly by removing the hurdle of onsite Data Analysis and Data Review (DADR). Our coast-to-coast, around-the-clock coverage provides your lab with the results your patients need, the QC records your regulators need, and the system failures your lab management team needs to provide you with peace of mind. We are the first responders to any QC and data issues that arise in your laboratory.

With the largest network of laboratory professionals in the country, we can find the right person for your lab. We ensure that our candidate will be qualified and meet the requirements of the state in which you work.

Remote Data Review is the best option for your laboratory to maintain Compliance and Quality Control requirements.

Sarah Harris

Chief Technical Officer

We Will Provide You With:


Around-the-Clock Coverage


The Highest-Quality Candidate


Coverage for All Testing Modalities

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