Consulting Services

Turnkey Laboratory Start-Up Solutions

We offer turnkey laboratory start-up solutions for clinical reference laboratories and physician offices throughout the country. Our comprehensive approach covers all phases of the startup process. We offer a straightforward, no-nonsense solutions focused on getting your lab started quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for your Lab

Starting and running a laboratory can be overwhelming. Our Consulting Team is passionate about helping labs start, grow, and run efficiently and successfully. We provide a large array of consulting solutions to simplify the process, giving you everything you need in one all-inclusive experience.


Our Consulting Team is comprised of experienced professionals ready to help you start, grow, and run your lab. We do not hire contractors. We offer, in-house, hands-on help provided by our Lighthouse Lab Services team.


Our clients consist of physician office laboratories, managed service organization labs, and independent reference laboratories. We have a diverse client base and build and maintain elite laboratories throughout the United States.

A Merger of industry leaders:

Why and How We’re Doing things Differently.

Lighthouse Lab Services is a merger of industry-leading companies. With an innovative approach to recruiting, consulting, and buyer/seller networking, we’re offering a more holistic experience for our clients as we come alongside them to help start, grow, and run successfully within the clinical laboratory industry.

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