Laboratory Consulting Services


Start a Clinical Lab or
Add Lines of Testing

  • Toxicology Drug Testing
  • Pharmacogenomics PGx
  • Complete Wellness Panel: Men and Women
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Allergy: Food and Inhalant
  • Cancer Genetics CGx/Hereditary Cancer
  • Infectious Disease: UTI, Wound, Nail, Respiratory, GI, STI, and Antibiotic Resistance
  • Inherited Disease

Specialty Consulting Services

Not only does our team help lab owners and entrepreneurs with the entire start-up process, but we also offer specialized consulting services depending on your specific needs.


Who Can We Help?

Our clients consist of physician office laboratories, managed service organization labs, and independent reference laboratories. We have a diverse client base and build and maintain elite laboratories throughout the United States.


Our Past Clients

LifeBright Labs - Full Startup

We provided a full-scale startup solution for LifeBrite Laboratories. Initially starting as a small drug testing, they have rapidly expanded to a full-service lab with 100+ employees, offering a variety of general lab tests and specialized genetic testing.

Noah Associates - Full Startup

We provided a comprehensive lab startup for Noah Associates. With our help, the Noah Associates passed their first CLIA inspection with zero deficiencies. They have been met with immediate success and we are currently working on expansion plans to assist them with continual growth.

Los Angeles, CA - Full Startup (Allergy)

We brought a turnkey startup solution to start an allergy testing lab for this key global opinion leader to perform testing on patients from all over the world.  This testing allows them to customize and monitor programs for patients in order to treat and eventually cure deadly allergic reactions.

Houston, TX - Full Startup

Full-scale startup solution for a gastrointestinal and respiratory specialty lab in Houston, TX. With our help, the client was able to quickly establish a nationwide presence. We are currently assisting them with adding an infectious disease testing line.

Pain Care Options - Full POL Startup (Toxicology)

We assisted Dr. Gajipara in bringing toxicology confirmation testing into his own pain care practice.  We currently provide on-going guidance and consulting to his practice to ensure the success of his Physician Office Lab.

Morgantown, WV - Full Startup + Commercialization

We built a turnkey lab for this client to perform their lab-developed tests to provide early diagnosis for Melanoma and Esophageal Cancers.  This client spent years in R&D, as well as clinical trials and looked to us to help them commercialize their tests.


We Make it Easy to Start Your Own Lab

Our team makes it easy to afford your own independent office lab or Physician office lab. Our flat fee or monthly fee programs help to buffer the upfront costs. See which one is best for you.