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Laboratory Consulting Services

Providing the Most Comprehensive Suite of Solutions in the Industry

With over 20 years of experience, Lighthouse Lab Services has become the nation’s leading and most trusted full-service medical laboratory consulting firm.

Our mission is to Make Quality Laboratory Testing More Accessible.

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Who We Are

We understand why some laboratories succeed while others fail. By partnering with our clients, we guide them through common industry pitfalls and help them capitalize on high-margin opportunities.




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Laboratory Consulting Services

Lighthouse Lab Services has a great team of medical laboratory consultants, as well as other professionals, to help you manage and run your lab effectively. Whether you are starting a new medical lab or looking to grow your current business, we offer laboratories a way to accelerate their success. Here’s how:


Laboratory applications can be long and confusing. If they’re not completed correctly, they can cause your lab significant delays and major losses in reimbursement. Our team of experts can take care of CMS-116 and other applications for you.

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Quality Management Services (QMS) covers all aspects of your lab’s quality program to ensure compliance and fulfill requirements for accrediting agencies.

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Our laboratory technical consultants are experienced in helping startups establish test menus and their necessary components. We ensure you have a test menu you’re equipped to carry out and will discuss how test complexity affects personnel requirements.

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Remote Data Review keeps your compliance and Quality Control requirements up to date so you don’t have to.

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Our team will work with your contractors and instrument manufacturers to design a laboratory with optimal workflow and maximum efficiency. We consider every detail and make sure you’re happy every step of the way.

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We’ll work closely with you to determine what equipment, reagent, and supplies your lab needs, advising you on making sound decisions about what your lab personnel will need without racking up unnecessary expenses.

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We provide on-going consulting and support with a monthly retainer fee. Our team is accessible five days a week to be on-call to answer your questions. We provide technical support and troubleshooting, discussion of test menu and product development – or anything you would like to discuss. We want your lab to be successful.

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Our team of High-Complexity Laboratory Directors can validate new tests for your lab. We have a wide variety of experience and can validate new tests in specialties such as toxicology, CGx, PGx, infectious disease, allergy testing, COVID-19, and more.

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Growing your laboratory’s business is a result of making the right decision about what to do next. Our expert consultants guide you to the best solutions for your lab.

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Running a successful laboratory requires a knowledgeable management team with years of experience. We bridge that gap by supplying you with a team of expert consultants with more than thirty years of experience running one of the nation’s largest reference labs. With a professional laboratory consultant, you can manage your lab efficiently and successfully.

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Navigating the accreditation process is a must for your laboratory. We have the experience to guide you. 

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Our cost-effective lab inspections will identify potential issues prior to a federal inspection and also serve as due-diligence inspections for those seeking to purchase an existing clinical lab. These issues can be isolated and addressed before your upcoming CLIA, COLA, or CAP inspection.  

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We handle the paperwork and cut through bureaucracy to get our clients credentialed quickly so they can start testing.

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Our technical team can implement training for software, operating instruments, toxicology data review, lab management, and more. Training can be on-site (at your location), remote (online) or at our location in our training center.

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Good SOPs are the most important part of a successful lab. We can write both technical and general Standard Operating Procedures as well as Quality Management plans. We make sure SOPs are compliant with applicable CLIA, CAP, COLA, Joint Commission & State documentation requirements.

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We successfully build proformas using our years of experience so clients can make the best decisions for their laboratories.

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Developing a new lab test or technology is a great accomplishment. We can help you get it to the larger healthcare market through our extensive network of laboratory partners and industry experts. 

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Providing your lab the industry insights you need to stay ahead of shifting market dynamics and the competition.

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"We love Lighthouse. Incredible support. Great account management. Superior technical support. We all talk about how great it has been to work with [Lighthouse]. We cannot say enough positive about the company. "

R. Scott LaNeve, General Manager, Drugscan, Inc.

"My lab just finished the validation of a Turn-Key Covid-19 lab using Lighthouse Lab Services. We had a great experience and are looking forward to future projects as we grow. They assisted with everything from finding equipment, supplies, validation and training. I highly recommended them."

Ameritech Diagnostic Labs

"We are all impressed with the work that Lighthouse Lab Services does to help the clinical laboratory community... We have been working tirelessly over the last year tackling all of the complexities involved in starting up a clinical lab from scratch… We are… overjoyed to have [a lab director] onboard via Lighthouse."

Christine Barnard, Founder & CEO, Atlas Quality Assurance Laboratories

"I want to commend your team (again) for being such great partners. Your service levels have been the best of any of our Covid suppliers – instrumentation, supplies, and/or reagents. We are grateful we found Lighthouse and look forward to working together."

Consulting & Covid Assay Client

"We hired a MLT and Lab Director thanks to Lighthouse and everything has been smooth sailing. They are both knowledgeable, thorough, professional and have helped our practice tremendously. Thank you again Lighthouse for matching us perfectly."


"Impressive Team and always ready to serve!"

Shea Harrelson, Vikor Scientific

"Lighthouse is professional, responsive, and has always provided quality candidates."


"It’s my pleasure working with Lighthouse on recruiting our Lab Director. [Candidates]…spoke highly of your company. They trust the quality service and the transparency your team has provided them. We can certainly understand why we feel the same way about your knowledge in the lab field and Lighthouse Lab Services putting the clients’ interest at heart."

Reference Lab Recruiting Client

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Who Can We Help?


Our clients consist of Physician Office Laboratories, Managed Service Organization Labs, Independent Reference Laboratories, and Private Pathology Practices. We have a diverse client base and build and maintain elite laboratories throughout the United States.

With over 2,000 lab clients, over 200 managed labs, over 300 labs built, and our team of industry experts – we have the expertise to Start, Run, and Grow your laboratory successfully. We are Making Quality Laboratory Testing More Accessible.

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Specialty Consulting Services


Our team of Toxicologists can develop cost-effective methods to test a comprehensive list of drugs. We have experience working with all the major LC/MS instrumentation and create custom methods to suit your needs.

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Infectious Disease

Whether you are a clinic interested in bringing Infectious Disease testing in-house or an independent lab looking to add it as a new line of testing, we can assist you with getting your lab quickly validated to offer these high-margin tests that can immediately improve patient care.

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A wider variety of clinical laboratory testing is being offered Direct-to-Consumer (DTC). This growing trend comes with a complicated compliance landscape. If you are a lab owner or an entrepreneur interested in entering the direct-to-consumer market, our team can help.

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Our Molecular Diagnostic Testing Program is full service and enables you to add Pharmacogenomics (PGx), Cancer Genomics (CGx), Infectious Disease, Liquid Biopsy, and other testings to your lab within 90 days.

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