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Pro Forma Analysis

Developing a Quality Pro Forma

The first step in building a new laboratory, or adding a new line of testing, is understanding whether it will be profitable. Our team of laboratory consultants stands ready to do the analysis so you can make an informed decision. 

How We Assist:

Building an accurate pro forma for your laboratory requires considerable time and effort. It takes years of industry experience to know what to expect financially for your lab startup. We have the industry expertise to identify potential pay-back periods, find often overlooked expenses or costs, and help you uncover any aspect of the lab where you may be overpaying.

As an invaluable tool for you to use in making the financial decisions to start your lab, your pro forma should only contain the best analysis and insight. With our laboratory business experience gained through starting hundreds of successful laboratories, we have the knowledge to create a pro forma for you that makes sense and will guide your decisions.

Having a guide to understand the financial requirements of your laboratory is crucial to planning and success. Our expert lab business consultants help you prepare a pro forma so you know what to expect.  

Jon Harol

President, Lighthouse Lab Services

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