Add A Testing Line


Already Have a Clinical Lab? Add a Testing Line.

Bring in additional revenue by adding a testing line to your lab. If you already have a laboratory, our team can help you add a testing line quickly and cost-efficiently. Explore our programs below.

Add-On Programs

Our team offers two ways to assist you in quickly add a testing line to your lab. Add certain test lines in as little as 90-days. Our team specializes in getting you to go-live testing as soon as possible while ensuring you remain compliant and efficient. We do not utilize contractors, the process is handled by our Lighthouse Lab team to ensure the cost-savings are passed on to you. Looking to add on as cost-efficiently as possible? 

Explore below to discover which program is right for you. For more information contact our consulting team to schedule a call. 

Our flat fee program includes key services when adding on a testing line to your lab. Ideal for those involved in the day-to-day operations of their lab. We also offer specialty flat-fee programs that are more intensive and will allow you to launch a new testing line in as little as 90 days.

Specialty Flat Fee Start Up Programs:

Start Direct to Consumer Testing: LAUNCH DTC

Start Molecular Testing: LAUNCH MOLECULAR

Our monthly fee program offers key services along with expert support after your new test line goes live. Ideal for those who want to buffer the upfront costs and split them up over a 12-month term.

Additional Services Included After 12 Months:
Post Go-Live Consulting with Lab Specialists
Pre-Survey Mock Inspection
Yearly Onsite Visit
Monthly QC Review
Competency Testing

Our Technical + Project Management Team

Our Technical and Management Team is highly qualified in various specialties within the clinical laboratory industry. They will be guiding your lab startup as well as ensuring the technical and scientific aspects of your lab meet compliance standards.

Dr. Jim Fuller, PhD, DABCC, FAACC

Dr. Jim Fuller, PhD, DABCC, FAACC

Scientific Advisor

With over 20 years of experience in the laboratory industry, Dr. Fuller’s expertise is paramount as you begin your new lab.

Areas of expertise:  New laboratory startups, quality control and assurance, accreditation, test commercialization, laboratory operations, and molecular diagnostics.

Certifications: CQA (Certified Quality Auditor), DABCC (Molecular Diagnostics), DLM (Diplomate in Laboratory Management), MB(ASCP) Technologist in Molecular Biology, and more.



Molecular Geneticist, Laboratory Director

Dr. Meghnani has 10+ years of Molecular Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences experience. She is also a certified Toxicological Chemist and Molecular Geneticist.

Areas of expertise: Clinical Laboratory startups, Toxicology, Hematology, PGx, NGSCLIA, COLA, CAP, Molecular diagnostic, Genetics, qPCR, NGS, multiplex PCR.

Certifications: National Registry of Clinical Chemists, Toxicological Chemist, MB(ASCP), Technologist in Molecular Biology

Rahul Nahire, PhD, SC(ASCP), TC(NRCC)

Rahul Nahire, PhD, SC(ASCP), TC(NRCC)

Toxicologist, Technical Supervisor, Laboratory Director

Dr. Nahire has 10+ years of Clinical Toxicology and Chemistry research experience, along with two patents and several published articles in scientific journals.

Areas of expertise: Clinical Laboratory, Toxicology, Clinical Chemistry, Drugs of Abuse testing, LC-MS/MS Method Development and Validations, CLIA/CAP/COLA/JCO Inspection preparation. Special Chemistry (ASCP), Toxicological Chemist

Lindsey Lamont

Lindsey Lamont

Project Manager

Lindsey Lamont has over 7 years in account and project management.

Areas of expertise: Clinical lab recruiting, project timeline management, resource allocation, quality control, and more.

Want to Start a New Lab?

We make starting a lab affordable with our monthly fee program. Have your lab up and running in less than 12 months. We specialize in toxicology, infectious disease,  molecular testing labs, CGx, PGx, Genetic Testing Labs, Physician Office Labs, and more. Click here to explore more information on starting your own lab.