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Job Title City State Job ID Category
Accessioner / Specimen Processor
San Jose CA 11718 Staff Laboratory
Account Manager, Laboratory Billing
Albany NY 11592 Accounting and Finance
Accounting Manager
Charlotte NC 12042 Join the LLS Team!
Assay Developer
Atlanta GA 12008 Toxicology
Blood Bank Technologist
Brooklyn NY 12116 Staff Laboratory
Certifying Scientist, Toxicology
Orlando FL 12126 Toxicology
Chief Medical Officer
San Jose CA 11805 Laboratory Management
Chief Medical Technologist
Poughkeepsie NY 11851 Laboratory Management
Clinical Lab Scientist (CLS)
Pasadena CA 11903 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Scientist / CLS
Redwood City CA 12094 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Supervisor / Microbiology
Hermiston OR 11835 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
San Carlos CA 12111 Molecular
Clinical Laboratory Scientist, CLS
Los Angeles CA 10612 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Scientist Toxicology
Malibu CA 12159 Toxicology
Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Generalist
Brooklyn NY 12192 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Microbiology (Flexible)
Brooklyn NY 12135 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Toxicology Lab Specialist
Charlotte NC 11980 Join the LLS Team!
CLT Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Blood Bank (Rotating)
Queens NY 12177 Staff Laboratory
CLT Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Chemistry (All Shifts)
Queens NY 12150 Staff Laboratory
CLT Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Microbiology (Days)
Queens NY 12152 Staff Laboratory
CLT Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Rapid Response (Rotating)
Queens NY 12145 Staff Laboratory
Cytology Supervisor (Days)
Brooklyn NY 12139 Laboratory Management
Brooklyn NY 11943 Cytology
Ocean City NJ 12099 Cytology
Shreveport LA 12128 Cytology
Cytotechnologist ( Days )
Dallas TX 12051 Cytology
Cytotechnologist (Days)
King of Prussia PA 12169 Cytology
Director, Laboratory Research and Development
San Carlos CA 12000 Laboratory Management
Director of Sales
Stone Mountain GA 12072 Marketing/Advertising
Field Service Engineer LC-MS
Charlotte NC 12022 Join the LLS Team!
FISH / Cytogenetic / Flow Cytometry Technologist
Nashville TN 11307 Staff Laboratory
Flow Cytometry Technologist II
Nashville TN 12175 Staff Laboratory
Forensic Biology Assistant Lab Director
Philadelphia PA 12010 Toxicology
FT/PT Massage Therapist at Sukho Thai Massage Raleigh ($25-$30 per hour)
Raleigh NC 11801 Sub-Specialty
General Supervisor — Molecular
Topeka KS 12206 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor / Molecular Diagnostics
Palo Alto CA 12202 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor / Molecular Technologist, Infectious Disease
Dallas TX 12076 Molecular
Hematology Supervisor
Nashville TN 10785 Laboratory Management
Histotechnologist ( Nights )
Sarasota FL 12148 Histology
HT / HTL / Histotechnician / Histotechnologist
Roanoke VA 10768 Histology
Lab Accessioner / Specimen Processor
Charlotte NC 12203 Join the LLS Team!
Lab Director
NC Asheville 12201 CLIA Laboratory Director
Lab Manager
Portland ME 12195 Laboratory Management
Lab Manager
New York NY 12208 Laboratory Management
Lab Manager / General Supervisor
Southern GA 12125 Laboratory Management
Lab Operations Director
Chattanooga TN 12158 Laboratory Management
Lab Operations Manager
Brooklyn NY 12137 Laboratory Management
Lab Operations Manager
Scott LA 12198 Laboratory Management
Lab Specialist I, LC/MS
Charlotte NC 12194 Join the LLS Team!
Lab Specialist Supervisor, Molecular
Charlotte NC 12174 Join the LLS Team!
Lab Supervisor – Chemistry
Plainview NY 12108 Staff Laboratory
Lab Technician
Greenville SC 12204 Toxicology
Laboratory Billing Manager
Decatur GA 12162 Accounting and Finance
Laboratory Director
Lansing MI 12007 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Director, MD/PhD (Part-time)
Anywhere US 9752 CLIA Laboratory Director
Laboratory Manager
Tulsa OK 11817 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager, Microbiology
Ocean City NJ 12190 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Operations Manager
Phoenix AZ 12191 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Operations Manager (Days)
Decatur GA 12141 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management
San Francisco CA 11719 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Services Manager
Petaluma CA 12183 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor
Las Vegas NV 12189 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor
Athens TN 12211 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Blood Bank (Days)
Hollywood FL 12181 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Blood Bank (Evenings/Overnights)
Queens NY 12143 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Blood Bank (Nights)
Brooklyn NY 12138 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Core Lab (Nights)
Poughkeepsie NY 12182 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor / Molecular
Orlando FL 12127 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Technician, Toxicology LCMS
Charlotte NC 12157 Join the LLS Team!
Laboratory Technologist, LCMS
Charleston WV 12209 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Technologist, Toxicology LCMS
Turlock CA 11885 Staff Laboratory
Lead Histotechnologist HT / HTL
Peoria IL 11588 Histology
Manager – Laboratory Operations
Atlanta GA 11675 Laboratory Management
Manager of Laboratory Services
Clearlake CA 12030 Laboratory Management
Medical Lab Technician
Atlanta GA 12120 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Technician
Albany NY 12155 Molecular
Medical Technician
Dallas TX 11867 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Champaign IL 11587 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Lexington KY 12212 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist, Chemistry and Hematology
Volusia County FL 12136 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Molecular
Springfield OH 12115 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (MT / MLS)
Fort Lauderdale FL 11936 Molecular
Medical Technologist MT / MLT ($5000 Sign-On Bonus)
Portland ME 12193 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (Night Shift)
Bowling Green KY 12213 Staff Laboratory
Micro Molecular Lab Director ( Phd , MD level)
Charleston SC 10533 CLIA Laboratory DirectorMolecular
Microbiology Medical Technologist / MT / MLS
Nashville TN 11385 Staff Laboratory
Microbiology Supervisor
Brooklyn NY 11944 Laboratory Management
Microbiology Supervisor
Bullhead City AZ 12196 Laboratory Management
Molecular Clinical Laboratory Scientist / CLS / CGMBS
South San Francisco CA 12129 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Lab Supervisor
Paulding County GA 12068 Laboratory Management
Molecular Medical Technician
Greenville SC 12165 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Ridgeland MS 11994 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Atlanta GA 11996 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Reno NV 12101 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Salisbury NC 12105 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Huntington NY 12109 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
The Woodlands TX 12118 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Destin FL 12124 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Brooklyn NY 12146 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Hayden ID 12156 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Nashville TN 12161 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Atlanta GA 12172 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Philadelphia PA 12184 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Champaign IL 12185 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Scott LA 12199 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Pittsburgh PA 12210 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist, COVID19
Charlotte NC 12205 Join the LLS Team!
Molecular Technologist (Days)
Decatur GA 12140 Molecular
Molecular Technologist (Days)
Sarasota FL 12142 Molecular
Molecular Technologist, Infectious Disease
Paulding County GA 12069 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist, Infectious Disease
Dillon SC 12073 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist, Infectious Disease
Saginaw County MI 12110 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist, Supervisor
Huntington NY 11727 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist (TEMP)
Boise ID 12098 Molecular
Molecular Technologist (Temp)
Atlanta GA 12171 Molecular
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Generalist ( Evenings/Overnights )
Poughkeepsie NY 12178 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist Generalist, Part-Time, ( Evenings/Overnights )
Poughkeepsie NY 12179 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS / MLT Medical Laboratory Scientist, Evenings
Houston TX 12151 Staff Laboratory
Paralegal, Corporate
Charlotte NC 12114 Join the LLS Team!
Part Time Blood Bank Technologist (Flexible)
Queens NY 12144 Staff Laboratory
Part-Time Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Urgent Care 
Queens NY 12154 Staff Laboratory
Phlebotomy Manager (Days)
Dallas TX 12122 Staff Laboratory
PRN MT / MLS / MLT Medical Laboratory Scientist
Houston TX 12149 Staff Laboratory
Quality Assurance Director
Miami FL 12188 Laboratory Management
Quality Assurance Specialist
Richmond VA 12214 Staff Laboratory
Remote Genetic Counselor – 8-10 Hrs/Month
Remote NC 11412 Staff Laboratory
Sales Representative – Packaging Products
Raleigh NC 12024 Marketing/Advertising
Senior Scientist, Toxicology LCMS
Charlotte NC 11813 Join the LLS Team!
Special Chemistry Supervisor
Nashville TN 11324 Laboratory Management
Specimen Processor
Dallas TX 11476 Staff Laboratory
Specimen Processor (Temp)
Cleveland OH 12113 Staff Laboratory
Technical Director, Molecular Pathology
Atlanta GA 11608 Laboratory Management
Technical Supervisor
Gwinnett County GA 12001 Staff Laboratory
Technical Supervisor / General Supervisor, Toxicology
Las Vegas NV 11951 Laboratory Management
Technical Supervisor / Molecular
San Carlos CA 12163 Laboratory Management
Technical Supervisor, Toxicology Technologist
Oakland County MI 12160 Staff Laboratory
Toxicology Laboratory Technologist
Atlanta GA 12112 Staff Laboratory
Toxicology Technologist
Greene County NC 11902 Staff Laboratory
VP, Laboratory Sales
San Jose CA 11749 Laboratory Sales Representative
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