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Job Title City State Job ID Category
Accessioning Supervisor
Manhattan NY 15725 Staff Laboratory
Assistant Lab Director of Toxicology
Atlanta GA 15745 Laboratory Management
Associate LIMS Analyst
Nashville TN 15842 Clerical/Administrative
Blood Bank Manager
Ann Arbor MI 15671 Laboratory Management
Blood Bank Manager
New Orleans LA 15726 Laboratory Management
Blood Bank Supervisor
New Orleans LA 15823 Staff Laboratory
Certified Pathology Assistant ( Overnights )
Los Angeles CA 15789 Staff Laboratory
Certifying Scientist
Grapevine TX 15876 Toxicology
Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor
White Plains NY 15385 Laboratory Management
Chemistry/ Serology Lab Manager ( Overnights )
Tampa FL 15761 Laboratory Management
Clinical Core Lab Manager
Ann Arbor MI 15833 Laboratory Management
Clinical Lab Scientist
San Diego CA 15740 Toxicology
Clinical Lab Scientist- Cell Assay
San Francisco CA 15759 Molecular
Clinical Lab Scientist – Molecular
San Francisco CA 15758 Molecular
Clinical Lab Scientist- NGS
San Francisco CA 15757 Molecular
Clinical Lab Scientist (NGS Data Analysis) (Part Time)
San Francisco CA 15865 Molecular
Clinical Lab Supervisor
Reno NV 15737 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Director
New Brunswick NJ 14521 CLIA Laboratory Director
Clinical Laboratory Manager
Hackensack NJ 15734 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Scientist, COVID testing
Los Angeles CA 15677 Molecular
Clinical Laboratory Scientist / Generalist
Sonoma CA 15529 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Scientist III (Chemistry)
Carlsbad CA 15834 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Technologist / Generalist
Ocean City NJ 15853 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Microbiology General Supervisor
Pittsburgh PA 15668 Laboratory Management
Clinical Service Technician
Raleigh NC 15394 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Toxicologist
Raleigh NC 15861 Toxicology
CLS – Blood Bank
Fresno CA 15708 Staff Laboratory
CLS – Hematology
Fresno CA 15709 Staff Laboratory
CLS – Microbiology
Fresno CA 15711 Staff Laboratory
Core Lab Manager
Fresno CA 15735 Laboratory Management
Core Lab Operations Manager
Minneapolis MN 15694 Laboratory Management
Core Lab Supervisor
Charlotte NC 15824 Laboratory Management
Core Laboratory Supervisor
New Orleans LA 15765 Laboratory Management
Core Laboratory Technician (Generalist)
Manhattan NY 15812 Staff Laboratory
Dallas TX 15464 Cytology
Kansas City KS 15727 Cytology
Denver CO 15748 Cytology
Phoenix AZ 15756 Cytology
Dayton OH 15819 Cytology
Raleigh NC 15835 Cytology
Cytotechnologist Supervisor
Raleigh NC 15839 Cytology
Director of Clinical Trials
Secaucus NJ 15866 Molecular
Executive Director, Pathology and Lab
Los Angeles California 15679 Histology
General Laboratory Manager
Atlanta GA 15713 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor – Molecular
Troy MI 15683 Staff Laboratory
Hematology Supervisor
Denver CO 15742 Technical Supervisor
Histology Technician II
Raleigh NC 15832 Histology
Histotechnician/ Histotechnologist
Cincinnati OH 15637 Histology
Poughkeepsie NY 15457 Histology
Houston TX 15523 Histology
Charlottesville VA 15567 Histology
Richmond VA 15647 Histology
Overland Park KS 15741 Histology
Salt Lake City UT 15805 Histology
HT / HTL Histotechnologist ( All Shifts )
Poughkeepsie NY 15785 Histology
Internal Marketing Manager
Atlanta GA 15402 Marketing/Advertising
Lab Coordinator
Orlando FL 15817 Staff Laboratory
Lab Manager
Richmond VA 15691 Laboratory Management
Lab Manager
Decatur AL 15826 Laboratory Management
Lab Manager (Blood Bank)
Chicago IL 15868 Laboratory Management
Lab Manager- Generalist
Chicago IL 15867 Laboratory Management
Lab Manager of Dermatopathology
New York NY 15706 Laboratory Management
Lab Operations Manager
Houston TX 15820 Laboratory Management
Lab Technologist
Troy MI 15685 Staff Laboratory
Unalaska AK 15682 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Billing Specialist
Boston MA 15712 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Chief Revenue Officer
Pendleton OR 15851 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Director, MD/PhD (Part-time)
Anywhere US 9752 CLIA Laboratory Director
Laboratory IT Specialist
Encino CA 15676 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Manager
Bakersfield CA 15760 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager
San Diego CA 15788 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager
Oahu HI 15837 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager / CGX
Denver CO 15800 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager ( Days )
Miami FL 15730 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Operations Director
Elizabeth NJ 15755 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Processor
Springfield IL 15801 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Processor
Chicago IL 15802 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Processor
Rockford IL 15803 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Sales Representative
Pompano Beach FL 15653 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Dallas TX 15391 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Chicago IL 15525 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Lexington KY 15762 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Scientist
Richmond VA 15651 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Scientist (Blood Bank)
Richmond VA 15652 Toxicology
Laboratory Scientist (Chemistry)
Richmond VA 15670 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Scientist (Hematology)
Richmond VA 15656 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Scientist (Microbiology Immunology)
Richmond VA 15672 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Scientist Sr (Hematology)
Richmond VA 15663 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Scientist Supervisor (Point of Care Testing)
Richmond VA 15674 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Scientist (Toxicology)
Richmond VA 15665 Toxicology
Laboratory Supervisor, Chemistry ( Days )
Poughkeepsie NY 15783 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Core Lab ( Evenings )
Poughkeepsie NY 15784 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor – Core Lab/Transfusion
Fresno CA 15680 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor ( Evenings )
Lawrence MA 15698 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Hematology/Coagulation ( Days )
Poughkeepsie NY 15782 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor ( Overnights )
Boston MA 15777 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Technologist / Molecular
Milwaukee WI 15857 Staff Laboratory
LC/MS General Supervisor
Union NJ 15843 Laboratory Management
LC/MS General Supervisor — Temp, Travel, or Temp-to-Perm
Union NJ 15791 Laboratory Management
LCMS Operator
Albuquerque NM 15404 Toxicology
LCMS Operator
Troy MI 15684 Staff Laboratory
LCMS Operator
Morrisville NC 15768 Toxicology
LCMS Scientist (Toxicology)
Lexington KY 15873 Staff Laboratory
LCMS Technologist
Greenville NC 15583 Toxicology
LCMS Technologist
Connellsville PA 15620 Toxicology
LCMS Technologist
Baltimore MD 15690 Toxicology
LCMS Technologist
Saint Albens WV 15705 Toxicology
Lead Clinical Laboratory Technologist / Generalist
Ocean City NJ 15854 Staff Laboratory
Lead Cytotechnologist
Ocean City NJ 15526 Cytology
Lead Cytotechnologist
Ocean City NJ 15855 Cytology
Lead Medical Technologist ( All Shifts )
Poughkeepsie NY 15786 Staff Laboratory
Lead Medical Technologist, Flow Cytometry ( Days )
Boston MA 15779 Staff Laboratory
Lead Medical Technologist, Microbiology ( Evenings )
Lawrence MA 15700 Staff Laboratory
Lead Medical Technologist ( Overnights )
Lawrence MA 15775 Staff Laboratory
Lead Medical Technologist, Special Coagulation ( Days )
Boston MA 15780 Staff Laboratory
Lead Toxicologist
St Louis MO 15810 Staff Laboratory
Manager of Information Technology
The Woodlands TX 15875 Clerical/Administrative
Medical Lab Scientist I/II – Microbiology
Raleigh North Carolina 15689 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Scientist II – Pathology
Raleigh NC 15342 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Scientist II – Pathology
Raleigh NC 15736 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Scientist II – Transfusion
Raleigh NC 15605 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Scientist II – Transfusion
Raleigh NC 15688 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Scientist II – Transfusion
Raleigh NC 15858 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Scientist III Transfusion
Raleigh NC 15836 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Scientist – Pathology
Raleigh NC 15739 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Tech (MLT/MT) – Full Time (NIGHTS)
Craig CO 15806 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Technician/Technologist
Rome GA 15815 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Technologist – Transfusion
Raleigh NC 15831 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Director
Newburgh NY 15499 CLIA Laboratory Director
Medical Laboratory Technician / Medical Technologist ( Overnights )
Malden MA 15781 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Connellsville PA 15577 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Miami FL 15751 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Lake Mary FL 15813 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technician (Generalist)
Anywhere TX 15814 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Raleigh NC 14458 Temp - Traveler
Medical Technologist
Poughkeepsie NY 14735 HistologyStaff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Havre MT 15412 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Aitkin MN 15456 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Dayton OH 15766 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Charlotte NC 15767 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Tampa FL 15809 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Altamonte Springs FL 15811 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Orlando FL 15816 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist – Blood Bank
Milwaukee WI 15830 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist ( Evenings / Overnights )
Boston MA 15699 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist – Generalist
Lakeland FL 15732 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Generalist
Myrtle Beach SC 15850 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist – Hematology
Ann Arbor MI 15574 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist – Histologist
Ann Arbor MI 15573 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist II
Garner NC 15693 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist/ Medical Laboratory Scientist
New Orleans LA 15403 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist/Medical Laboratory Technician
Molokai HI 15646 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist, Microbiology ( Days )
Lawrence MA 15774 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (MLS / MLT)
Lexington KY 15872 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / MLS (Molecular)
Rockford IL 15753 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / MLS (Molecular)
Springfield IL 15770 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (MT)/Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) — Temp/Travel
anytown NC 12593 Staff Laboratory
Microbiology Supervisor
Milwaukee WI 15827 Staff Laboratory
MLS / MT Medical Technologist ( Evenings )
Lawrence MA 15771 Staff Laboratory
MLS / MT Medical Technologist ( Overnights )
Lawrence MA 15776 Staff Laboratory
Knoxville TN 15764 Staff Laboratory
Mobile Phlebotomist
Wilmington NC 15847 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Supervisor
Bethesda MD 15883 Molecular
Molecular Technical Supervisor
Fort Lauderdale FL 15821 Technical Supervisor
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Barstow FL 15470 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Saginaw MI 15489 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Melbourne FL 15547 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Houston TX 15609 Laboratory Management
Molecular Technologist
Sandestin FL 15659 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Mobile AL 15804 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
New Orleans LA 15877 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Generalist ( All Shifts )
Poughkeepsie NY 15787 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist ( Overnights )
Wolf Point MT 15796 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS / MLT Medical Laboratory Scientist ( Evenings )
Columbus OH 15463 Staff Laboratory
MT/MLT – Hematology
Milwaukee WI 15569 Staff Laboratory
MT/MLT Medical Technologist, Generalist ( Evenings/Nights )
Monte Vista CO 15795 Staff Laboratory
Part-Time HT / HTL Histotechnologist ( All Shifts )
Poughkeepsie NY 15792 Histology
Part-Time Lead Medical Technologist ( All Shifts )
Poughkeepsie NY 15793 Staff Laboratory
Part Time MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Generalist ( All Shifts )
Poughkeepsie NY 15794 Staff Laboratory
Pathologist – AP/CP Certified
St. Helena CA 15733 CLIA Laboratory Director
Pathologist – AP/CP Certified
Oakbrook Terrace IL 15752 CLIA Laboratory Director
Pathologist Assistant
CHICO CA 15473 Histology
Pathologist Assistant
Poughkeepsie NY 15481 Histology
Pathologist Assistant (AP)
Lafayette LA 15458 Histology
Pathologists’ Assistant
Boston MA 15778 Staff Laboratory
Pathology Assistant
Overland Park KS 15738 Staff Laboratory
Pathology Supervisor
Raleigh North Carolina 15881 Laboratory Management
Per-Diem Cytotechnologist
Lawrence MA 15561 Staff Laboratory
Per-Diem Histology Technician ( Days )
Lawrence MA 15486 Staff Laboratory
Ph.D Toxicologist
Morrisville NC 15822 Toxicology
Phlebotomist ( Evenings and Overnights )
Lawrence MA 15773 Staff Laboratory
Phlebotomist (Inpatient)
Raleigh NC 15337 Staff Laboratory
Phlebotomist (Inpatient)
Raleigh NC 15606 Staff Laboratory
QA/ Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Broomfield CO 15869 Laboratory Management
Quality Control Technician
San Francisco CA 15717 Temp - Local
Quality Control Technician II
Danville VA 15808 Staff Laboratory
Remote Senior Sales Executive
Los Angeles CA 15807 Laboratory Sales Representative
Senior Clinical Technologist
Ann Arbor MI 15657 Staff Laboratory
Senior Flow Cytometry Technologist
Richmond VA 15664 Cytology
Senior Laboratory Scientist (Blood Bank)
Richmond VA 15655 Toxicology
Senior Pathology Specialist
Richmond VA 15673 Molecular
Senior/Principal Scientist / Diagnostic Assay Development
San Antonio TX 15535 Molecular
Support Services Supervisor ( Days )
Lawrence MA 15772 Staff Laboratory
Team Leader – Core Lab/Microbiology
Charlotte NC 15825 Laboratory Management
Technical Consultant (Hybrid)
Laurel MD 15841 Technical Consultant
Technical Lab Supervisor
Chicago IL 15871 Laboratory Management
Technical Laboratory Supervisor
Sandestin FL 15660 Molecular
Technical Specialist – Blood Bank
Milwaukee WI 15828 Technical Supervisor
Technical Specialist – Microbiology
Milwaukee WI 15829 Staff Laboratory
Technical Supervisor – Blood Bank
Troy MI 15863 Technical Supervisor
Technical Supervisor/Microbiology
Pittsburgh PA 15640 Laboratory Management
Technical Supervisor – Molecular
Troy MI 15862 Technical Supervisor
Technical Supervisor (Point of Care Testing) – Part Time
Chicago IL 15882 Technical Supervisor
Technical Supervisor/ Toxicology
Costa Mesa CA 15838 Laboratory Management
Technical Supervisor – Toxicology
Bloomfield Hills MI 15860 Staff Laboratory
Temp Associate Med Technician I
Dublin OH 15799 Staff Laboratory
Temp Associate Medical Technologist/Technician
Dublin OH 15720 Temp - Local
Temp Associate Medical Technologist/Technician
Greensboro NC 15721 Temp - Local
Temp Forensic Technologist
Saint Paul MN 15722 Temp - Local
Temp Histotechnician
Monrovia CA 15716 Temp - Local
Temp Laboratory Technician
Seattle WA 15719 Temp - Local
Temp Laboratory Technician I
Calabasas Hills CA 15444 Staff Laboratory
Temp Laboratory Technician I
Overland Park KS 15446 Staff Laboratory
Temp Medical Technician
Mahnomen MN 15797 Staff Laboratory
Temp Medical Technician/Technologist
Seattle WA 15718 Temp - Local
Temp Medical Technologist
Mahnomen MN 15798 Staff Laboratory
Temp Pathologist’s Assistant
Overland Park KS 15715 Temp - Local
Temp Specimen Processor
Saint Paul MN 15724 Temp - Local
Territory Sales Manager – West
Houston TX 15579 Laboratory Management
Toxicology Lead / Supervisor
Lexington KY 15874 Staff Laboratory
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