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Job Title City State Job ID Category
Accessioner / Specimen Processor
San Jose CA 11718 Staff Laboratory
Account Manager, Laboratory Billing
Albany NY 11592 Accounting and Finance
Administrative Assistant
Charlotte NC 11430 Clerical/Administrative
Assistant Laboratory Supervisor, Hematology (Days)
New York NY 11683 Laboratory Management
Assistant Laboratory Supervisor, Microbiology ( Evenings/Overnights )
New York NY 11742 Laboratory Management
Billing Manager
Carson City NV 11633 Laboratory Management
BioManufacturing Lab Technician
Fargo ND 11690 Staff Laboratory
Blood Bank Technologist
Brooklyn NY 11736 Staff Laboratory
Business Development Manager
Raleigh-Durham NC 11700 Marketing/Advertising
Business Development Manager
Charlotte NC 11701 Marketing/Advertising
Catering Delivery Driver
Raleigh NC 11397 Travel Opportunity
Certifying Scientist, Toxicology
Orlando FL 11638 Toxicology
Chief Medical Technologist
Poughkeepsie NY 11709 Laboratory Management
Clinical Lab Operations Manager
San Bruno CA 11747 Laboratory Management
Clinical Lab Scientist (CLS)
Pasadena CA 11568 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Scientist / CLS
Templeton CA 11630 Molecular
Clinical Lab Scientist / CLS
Palo Alto CA 11654 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Scientist/MT ($10,000 Sign-on Bonus)
St. Louis MO 11555 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Lab Supervisor
Elko NV 11649 Laboratory Management
Clinical Lab Supervisor / Microbiology
Hermiston OR 11705 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Manager
Houston TX 11666 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Manager, Microbiology (Days)
Tempe AZ 11684 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Scientist / CGMBS
San Jose CA 11717 Molecular
Clinical Laboratory Scientist, CLS
Los Angeles CA 10612 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Scientist ( CLS )
San Jose CA 11658 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Scientist (Virology)
Santa Rosa CA 11734 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
Champaign County IL 11419 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
Peoria IL 11680 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Microbiology (Nights)
New York NY 11580 Staff Laboratory
CLS / CGMBS ( All Shifts )
Redwood City CA 11667 Molecular
CLS Clinical Lab Scientist, Generalist
Mammoth Lakes CA 11126 Staff Laboratory
CLS Clinical Lab Scientist, Generalist
Tahoe City CA 11636 Staff Laboratory
CLS / Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Microbiology ( Overnights )
Pleasanton CA 11663 Staff Laboratory
COVID Warrior
Raleigh-Durham NC 11661 Staff Laboratory
Shreveport LA 11353 Cytology
West Seneca NY 11418 Staff Laboratory
Director of Lab Operations
Dallas TX 11729 Laboratory Management
FISH / Cytogenetic / Flow Cytometry Technologist
Nashville TN 11307 Staff Laboratory
Flow Cytometry Specialist
Jackson MS 11145 Staff Laboratory
Flow Cytometry Technologist, General Supervisor
Morristown NJ 11423 Laboratory Management
Forensic Biology Assistant Lab Director
Philadelphia PA 11571 Toxicology
FT/PT Massage Therapist at Sukho Thai Massage Raleigh ($25-$30 per hour)
Raleigh NC 11431 Sub-Specialty
Full-time Medical Laboratory Director (MD/DO)
San Carlos CA 11725 CLIA Laboratory Director
Milwaukee WI 11403 Histology
Histotechnician I
Milwaukee WI 11402 Histology
Histotechnician Lead
Milwaukee WI 11401 Histology
Coatesville PA 11607 Histology
Bullhead City AZ 11707 Histology
HT / HTL / Histotechnician / Histotechnologist
Roanoke VA 10768 Histology
Interim General Supervisor, Molecular
Austin TX 11715 Molecular
Lab Operations Manager
Houma LA 11648 Laboratory Management
Lab Operations Manager
New Orleans LA 11712 Laboratory Management
Lab Operations Manager ASCP
Houston TX 11692 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Assistant ( Evenings and Nights )
Dallas TX 11687 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Director
Lansing MI 11743 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Director, MD/PhD (Part-time)
Anywhere US 9752 CLIA Laboratory Director
Laboratory Manager
Tulsa OK 11689 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Operations Director
Elko NV 11531 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management
San Francisco CA 11719 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Services Supervisor
Petaluma CA 11671 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor
Philadelphia PA 11637 Technical Supervisor
Laboratory Supervisor
Morrisville NC 11655 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Blood Bank (Days)
Hollywood FL 11678 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Chemistry
Aventura FL 11688 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor, Chemistry (Evenings)
New York NY 11744 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor, Core Lab (Nights)
Poughkeepsie NY 11679 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Histology ( Days )
Sarasota FL 11721 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Technician
Pittsburgh PA 11594 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Technologist
Fresno CA 11610 Technical Supervisor
Laboratory Technologist
Charlotte NC 11720 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Technologist- Bacteriology
Brooklyn New York 11697 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Technologist, Toxicology
Dallas TX 11702 Staff Laboratory
Lead Histotechnologist HT / HTL
Peoria IL 11588 Histology
Lead Medical Technologist, Core Lab MT / MLS
Charlotte NC 11576 Laboratory Management
Lead Medical Technologist / Hematology / Chemistry
Hermiston Oregon 11730 Laboratory Management
Lead Medical Technologist – LCMS
Atlanta GA 11676 Toxicology
Lead Microbiology Technologist (Day Shift)
Schenectady NY 11710 Staff Laboratory
Manager – Laboratory Operations
Atlanta GA 11675 Laboratory Management
Manager of Laboratory Services
Clearlake CA 11746 Laboratory Management
Medical Technologist
Butler County MO 11502 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Orlando Florida 11579 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Champaign IL 11587 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Morrisville NC 11656 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist, Chemistry
Brooklyn New York 11737 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist, Chemistry and Hematology
Volusia County FL 11347 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist, Generalist (Evenings / Weekends)
Brooklyn NY 11641 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist MLT/MLS
Charlotte NC 11573 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / MT / MLS / MLT
Oktibbeha County MS 11371 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist MT / MLT
Lincolnville ME 11556 Staff Laboratory
Microbiology Medical Technologist / MT / MLS
Nashville TN 11385 Staff Laboratory
Microbiology Technologist MT/MLS
Charlotte NC 11575 Staff Laboratory
MLT – Generalist
Omaha NE 11731 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Clinical Laboratory Scientist / CLS / CGMBS
South San Francisco CA 11384 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Laboratory Aide
Charleston SC 11723 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Laboratory Director (MD/PhD)
Raleigh-Durham NC 11694 CLIA Laboratory Director
Molecular Laboratory Director (MD/PhD)
Charlotte NC 11695 CLIA Laboratory Director
Molecular Medical Technician
Greenville SC 11685 Molecular
Molecular/Microbiology Supervisor
Charlotte NC 11526 Molecular
Molecular Technician
Albany GA 11660 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Sarasota FL 11713 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Huntington NY 11726 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Houma LA 11735 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Pittsburgh PA 11745 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Birmingham AL 11748 Molecular
Molecular Technologist, Infectious Disease
Dallas TX 11367 Molecular
Molecular Technologist (Night Shift)
Charleston SC 11728 Molecular
Molecular Technologist, Supervisor
Charleston SC 11724 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist, Supervisor
Huntington NY 11727 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Blood Bank (Evenings / Overnights)
Queens NY 11668 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Blood Bank (Rotating)
New York NY 11740 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Chemistry (Days / Evenings)
New York NY 11741 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Generalist
Stamford CT 11635 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Generalist
Poughkeepsie NY 11669 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Generalist (Multiple Shifts)
Elko NV 11650 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist Generalist, Part-Time, Varied Shift
Poughkeepsie NY 11670 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Microbiology (Days / Evenings)
New York NY 11621 Staff Laboratory
MT/MLS Medical Technologist, Transfusion Services
Raleigh NC 11627 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLT Medical Technologist
Kankakee County IL 11354 Staff Laboratory
MT/MLT Medical Technologist
Bullhead City AZ 11708 Staff Laboratory
Point of Care Testing Coordinator
Bourbonnais IL 11149 Laboratory Management
Remote Genetic Counselor – 8-10 Hrs/Month
Remote NC 11412 Staff Laboratory
Senior MT / MLS Medical Technologist, Blood Bank (Overnights)
Queens NY 11662 Staff Laboratory
Software Engineer
Charlotte NC 11681 Sub-Specialty
Specimen Processor
Dallas TX 11476 Staff Laboratory
Team Lead Immunology/Flow Cytometry Technologist
Charlotte NC 11527 Laboratory Management
Technical Consultant, Cannabis Testing
Flint MI 11674 Toxicology
Technical Director, Molecular Pathology
Atlanta GA 11608 Laboratory Management
Technical Supervisor
Waverly TN 11146 Toxicology
Technical Supervisor
Pittsburgh PA 11475 Toxicology
Technical Supervisor
St. Louis MO 11490 Technical Supervisor
Technical Supervisor
Charleston WV 11549 Technical Supervisor
Technical Supervisor / General Supervisor, Toxicology
Las Vegas NV 11711 Laboratory Management
VP, Clinical Laboratory Operations
San Jose CA 11716 Laboratory Management
VP, Laboratory Sales
San Jose CA 11749 Laboratory Sales Representative
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