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Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Comprehensive RCM Consulting for Laboratories & Pathologists

Looking to fine-tune your billing and collections? Lighthouse offers the nation’s leading RCM consulting and auditing services. From charge creation to EOB, our team finds the billing issues that affect your revenue or jeopardize your compliance.

Consulting & Audit Services – Revenue Cycle Management

Laboratory Billing & Auditing

Lighthouse RCM Solutions specializes in revenue cycle auditing, refining revenue cycle processes, and negotiating managed care contracts. We are not a billing company. Our experts utilize a three-tiered process of assessing revenue strategy, management, and insight to help clients find weaknesses and strengthen billing processes.

We help our clients recover millions of dollars in lost revenue each year due to incorrect coding.

By specializing and working with laboratories and pathologists, our team has insight into industry trends and key payer issues that are affecting health providers today. 

We Review and Analyze


Your Entire Revenue Cycle


Denials and Trends

Monthly Charges

Payer Contracts

How We Help


Private Laboratories

We help private, reference, and physician-owned laboratories align testing menus with their front-end processes to ensure correct and consistent reimbursement, and evaluate coding accuracy.

Hospital Systems

Lighthouse assists hospital systems in reviewing specialty group contracts, FMV for pricing, coding/billing audits for ancillary groups, staffing levels, fee schedules, and more.

Specialty Practices

RCM Solutions team provides business and revenue strategies focusing on coding, billing, and compliance. Practices of all sizes have reaped the benefits of using our expert industry knowledge. 

Case Studies

We love to show off the results of our hard work. Check out the case studies below for a few examples of our recent successes.

Payer Policy Errors

See how we unlocked more than $200,000 in unpaid claims that were impacted by a payer misinterpreting its own policy for outreach work.

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Payer Contracting

After being initially engaged for a routine coding review, we later secured seven new contracting opportunities to expand our client’s footprint.

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Document Requests

Stumped by denials or request for additional documentation? Check out our recommended best practices for navigating PCR testing requiements.

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Billing Terms

Curious about industry standards and norms for third-party billing contracts to ensure agreements are fair? Check out this fact sheet for a breakdown.

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"Lighthouse has been a true ally through the years, battling the slings and arrows of the Pathology world. I can rely on them to keep up with laws and issues we face, while I focus on Pathology and patient care. They provide oversight over our billing office, which sometimes needs prodding. They have my back, and I appreciate the help."

Dr. Weiss

"When it comes to Pathology billing, Lighthouse Lab Services is the go-to expert. They will get your billing and reimbursement processes running like a well-oiled machine."

Robbie Graham, MD, Comanche County Memorial Hospital

"We partner with Lighthouse because they are always a step ahead. They have strengthened our practice with their knowledge and expertise. We appreciate their dedication and integrity!"

Lucent Pathology Partners

"Our group has used Lighthouse for many years. When we started they did an in depth investigation of our billing process and identified areas where we could make improvements and increase our monthly revenue. They took us through two different RFP processes for billing agencies and helped identify the best match for us. Through all of this they have been knowledgeable, professional, and efficient, displaying integrity by reducing their fee during our lowest months. I highly recommend them."

North Pathology Associates

"Our pathology group has been using Lighthouse's Practice Management for the past year and have been very happy with the service. For the first time I feel confident that our billing company is compliant and giving us the service we need. Lighthouse helped us renegotiate our contract with a substantial savings. They also assisted in switching to a more effective collection service. It is nice to know that help is one call or text away and that I can trust their advice."

Dr. Merle Madigan

"My 6-man pathology group has used Lighthouse for over 10 years. They originally helped us select a replacement billing service. Since then they have monitored the billing service, provided formal audits, and maintained close contact with us with regular conference calls where billing information is reviewed and a practice management plan is discussed. They have provided advice on contractual negotiations with insurance companies and have provided the perspective of being closely involved with other practices and having a national presence in the pathology business arena. I have found them to be responsive to our needs. The value added to my practice easily justifies the expense of their service."

St Vincent’s Pathology

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When you need a complete picture of your laboratory revenue cycle, Lighthouse RCM Solutions offers an end-to-end solution to find errors that jeopardize your compliance and affect your revenue.  

Dyana Williams

Director of RCM Solutions

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Our team of laboratory and pathology billing specialists can help transform the way you manage your revenue.
Lighthouse RCM Solutions will work closely with you to implement the checks and balances needed to improve your bottom line and secure the future of your practice.