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Pathology Management Services

Pathology Practice Management

Whether you already have a laboratory or are interested in converting an existing space into a pathology lab, we have a wide range of solutions to offer. With our extensive experience in laboratory management consulting, Lighthouse has many different options to fit your project.

Pathology Lab Management Services

At Lighthouse Lab Services, we offer a range of Lab Management Services to help pathology labs run smoothly and efficiently.


Purchasing Equipment

We assist in the process of acquiring high-quality histology equipment at competitive pricing by leveraging our extensive vendor relationships and purchasing power.

Lab Supply Vendor Relations

Most labs will require basic supplies such as reagents, quality control materials, and miscellaneous materials such as slides, cassettes, and stains. We help secure quality lab supplies at cost-effective prices.

Laboratory Relocation

If your lab needs to be relocated to accommodate an expansion or new space, Lighthouse offers assistance with the relocation of your lab and equipment, including the revalidation process.

Hiring Staff

Hiring is often cited as a challenge for pathology labs, but through the use of good recruiting techniques and the Lighthouse staffing database, locating qualified personnel is not an issue. We help staff lab/histology personnel, pathologists, and lab directors throughout the country.

Billing Audits/Reviews

Pathology billing and reimbursement tracking can be complex. Fortunately, our expert pathology billing staff is available to advise on your claims and assist with the credentialing process for challenging payers.

Payer Contracting and Credentialing

Lighthouse’s Payer Strategy Solutions team specializes in payer contracting, credentialing, and negotiation services for all provider types, with a focus on medical laboratories.

Quarterly Lab Check-Ups

Good laboratory quality programs require ongoing monitoring. We can help you implement a system that will assist your lab to maintain a high level of quality compliance.

Staff Competency Evaluation

Competency assessment is a significant portion of maintaining your lab’s accreditation and compliance. Our team helps train your staff and assess their competency at required intervals.

Compliant Waste Solutions

Let’s face it, properly disposing of chemical and biological waste is something every histology lab must plan for. We assist in this area by offering cost-effective and compliant waste storage and disposal.

Lab Inspection Prep

Lighthouse also helps our pathology labs meet their CLIA inspection requirements through inspection preparation and mock inspections. Our expert team of in-house Lab Directors and Technical Consultants will help ensure you’re ready for success.

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

We pride ourselves on offering clients our Beacon LIS – a software solution with a thoughtful user interface with effortless page navigation, data import options, and module customization. Beacon LIS is a robust and scalable cloud-based Laboratory Information System for laboratories of all sizes.

On-Going Lab Management

Most small labs have just a few employees and could benefit from the support of a team of experienced lab personnel to help keep their operations running efficiently. In these instances, Lighthouse can provide an extra layer of managerial consulting support.

Solutions For All Your Pathology Needs!

In an industry where accuracy reigns supreme, every millimeter counts. It is that attention to detail that makes a successful pathology lab.
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Pathology Revenue Cycle Management Consulting

Our team of pathology billing experts will work with you to audit your billing and collection process and re-negotiate managed care contracts in order to maintain a healthy revenue cycle.

We are pathology billing and coding experts. Providing Pathology Management Services

Helping You Make Billing Decisions

We will also work closely with you to implement the checks and balances needed to improve your bottom line and secure the future of your practice.

Here are some common questions you might have:

  • Should you go salaried or stay a private practice?
  • Is this the best time to negotiate your Part A contract?
  • How are you going to handle a bundled payment plan?
  • Should you switch billing companies or bring this work in-house?
  • When was the last time you audited your billing?

Pathology Billing & Coding Experts

Reap the benefits of partnering with Lighthouse as your consultant. We oversee the day-to-day business issues that need detailed attention to improve your laboratory operations.

Our team of billing experts will audit your billing practices and make sure you are getting paid for all the services you provide.


Buy-In Buy-Out

Is your pathology practice changing hands? We help you answer your financial questions and provide solutions that are beneficial to your organization.

Part A Contracting

This is a vital part of many hospital-based pathology practices. Using our proprietary database and industry knowledge, we will help you negotiate the best Part A contract.
Looking to start your own laboratory? We know the variables and can provide the projections necessary to help determine whether this is the best business concept for you.
Simply put, your managed care contracts determine the profitability of your practice. We have negotiated with most major payers across the country.
Are you billing all the correct CPT codes? You’d be surprised at what you might be missing. We will review your Fee Schedule for free.

"Our pathology group has been using Lighthouse's Practice Management for the past year and have been very happy with the service. For the first time I feel confident that our billing company is compliant and giving us the service we need. Lighthouse helped us renegotiate our contract with a substantial savings. They also assisted in switching to a more effective collection service. It is nice to know that help is one call or text away and that I can trust their advice."

Dr. Merle Madigan

"When it comes to Pathology billing, Lighthouse Lab Services is the go-to expert. They will get your billing and reimbursement processes running like a well-oiled machine."

Robbie Graham, MD, Comanche County Memorial Hospital

"Lighthouse has been a true ally through the years, battling the slings and arrows of the Pathology world. I can rely on them to keep up with laws and issues we face, while I focus on Pathology and patient care. They provide oversight over our billing office, which sometimes needs prodding. They have my back, and I appreciate the help."

Dr. Weiss

"We partner with Lighthouse because they are always a step ahead. They have strengthened our practice with their knowledge and expertise. We appreciate their dedication and integrity!"

Lucent Pathology Partners

"Our group has used Lighthouse for many years. When we started they did an in depth investigation of our billing process and identified areas where we could make improvements and increase our monthly revenue. They took us through two different RFP processes for billing agencies and helped identify the best match for us. Through all of this they have been knowledgeable, professional, and efficient, displaying integrity by reducing their fee during our lowest months. I highly recommend them."

North Pathology Associates

"My 6-man pathology group has used Lighthouse for over 10 years. They originally helped us select a replacement billing service. Since then they have monitored the billing service, provided formal audits, and maintained close contact with us with regular conference calls where billing information is reviewed and a practice management plan is discussed. They have provided advice on contractual negotiations with insurance companies and have provided the perspective of being closely involved with other practices and having a national presence in the pathology business arena. I have found them to be responsive to our needs. The value added to my practice easily justifies the expense of their service."

St Vincent’s Pathology

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Lighthouse’s Pathology Lab Solutions team helps physician and pathology practices establish in-office laboratories by advising on the entire laboratory design, set-up, and ongoing compliance processes.
We provide revenue strategy and consulting services for independent laboratories, hospital outreach laboratories, esoteric laboratories, private pathology practices, individual hospitals, and health systems.