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Job Title City State Job ID Category
Accessioner / Specimen Processor
Austin TX 13780 Staff Laboratory
Administrative Coordinator
Charlotte NC 13750 Join the LLS Team
Administrator of Laboratory Services
New York NY 13702 Laboratory Management
Analytical Scientist – Chemistry
Austin TX 13671 Staff Laboratory
Anatomic Pathology Lab Manager
Portland ME 13733 Histology
Associate Professor
Honolulu HI 13611 Sub-Specialty
Clinical Chemist / Toxicologist
Louisville KY 13712 Toxicology
Clinical Lab Supervisor
Conway NH 13732 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Manager
Tallahassee FL 13705 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Manager, Microbiology (Days)
Tempe AZ 13745 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Quality Assurance Director
Nashville TN 13534 Laboratory Management
Clinical Laboratory Scientist – Allergy Testing
Long Beach CA 13738 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Technician
Tallahassee FL 13708 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Brooklyn NY 13588 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Technologist / Generalist
Bronx NY 13593 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Technologist / Microbiology
Orlando FL 13678 Staff Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Technologist – Microbiology
Hicksville NY 13776 Staff Laboratory
Compliance Manager
Santa Monica CA 13766 Laboratory Management
Core Lab Technologist
Centerville GA 11175 Staff Laboratory
Cytogenetic Technologist
Nashville TN 13535 Molecular
Cytogenetics Technologist
Charlotte NC 13342 Molecular
Dallas TX 13768 Cytology
Cytotechnologist -Anatomic Pathology
Nasvhille TN 13536 Staff Laboratory
Cytotechnologist ( Evenings )
Philadelphia PA 13786 Cytology
Director of BioBank Services
Cincinnati OH 13785 Laboratory Management
Director of Lab Operations
San Bernardino CA 13772 Laboratory Management
Director of Laboratory Information Systems
Tempe AZ 13747 Laboratory Management
Director of Laboratory Operations
Post Falls ID 13646 Laboratory Management
Director of Product Analytics
Boston MA 13694 Laboratory Management
Director of Quality
Manhattan NY 13591 Laboratory Management
Director of RC Strategy & Growth
Toledo OH 13767 Join the LLS Team
Executive Director
Redwood City CA 13726 Laboratory Management
Flow Cytometry Technologist II
Nashville TN 13531 Staff Laboratory
Forensic Chemistry – Team Lead
Philadelphia PA 13320 Staff Laboratory
General Lab Supervisor
Davie FL 13667 Laboratory Management
General Lab Supervisor
Rockford IL 13757 Laboratory Management
General Lab Supervisor
Bloomington IL 13758 Laboratory Management
General Laboratory Supervisor
Las Vegas NV 13630 Molecular
General Supervisor / Molecular
Brooklyn NY 13589 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor (Part-Time)
St. Augustine FL 13674 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor –TEMP
Boston MA 13640 Laboratory Management
General Supervisor –TEMP
New Orleans LA 13642 Laboratory Management
Genetic Counselor
Brooklyn NY 13549 Staff Laboratory
Histology Assistant
Charlotte NC 13775 Staff Laboratory
Histology Technician
Charlottesville VA 13514 Histology
Histotechnician / Histotechnologist
Nashville TN 13533 Histology
Charlottesville VA 13513 Histology
Lafayette LA 13756 Histology
New York NY 13792 Histology
Histotechnologist HT / HTL
Macon GA 13795 Histology
Histotechnologist ( Nights )
Sarasota FL 13538 Histology
HR Coordinator
Holly Springs NC 13444 Join the LLS Team
HTL / Histotechnologist
Adel GA 13713 Histology
Lab Manager
Philadelphia PA 13475 Laboratory Management
Lab Manager
St. Louis MO 13697 Staff Laboratory
Lab Manager
Davie FL 13706 Laboratory Management
Lab Operations Director
Raleigh NC 13743 Staff Laboratory
Lab Supervisor
Centerville GA 13803 Laboratory Management
Lab Technician
Greenville SC 13396 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Director, MD/PhD (Part-time)
Anywhere US 9752 CLIA Laboratory Director
Laboratory Manager
Newark NJ 13659 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager
Huntsville TN 13741 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager
Springfield IL 13759 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager
Chicago IL 13788 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager / Clinical Pathology
Albuquerque NM 13691 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager / Clinical Pathology
Atlanta GA 13735 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Operations Director
Phoenix AZ 13716 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Operations Manager
Sunnyside NY 13718 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Operations Manager
New York NY 13765 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Milwaukee WI 13684 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Chicago IL 13685 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Denver CO 13686 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Sales Specialist
Minneapolis MN 13746 Laboratory Sales Representative
Laboratory Scientist I
Riverdale MI 13700 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Specialist
Charlotte NC 13559 Join the LLS Team
Laboratory Specialist
Charlotte NC 13752 Join the LLS Team
Laboratory Supervisor
Boston MA 13463 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor
Charlottesville VA 13722 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor (3rd Shift)
Sunnyside NY 13717 Laboratory Management
Laboratory Supervisor, Hematology
Bethpage NY 13719 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Technologist / Next Generation Sequencing
Milwaukee WI 13801 Staff Laboratory
Laboratory Technologist / Toxicology
Brooklyn NY 13791 Staff Laboratory
LCMS Operator
South Bend IN 13763 Toxicology
Lead Medical Technologist, Core Lab MT / MLS
Charlotte NC 13796 Laboratory Management
Lead Molecular Tech
Raleigh NC 13742 Staff Laboratory
Lead Quality Assurance Auditor
Cincinnati OH 13749 Staff Laboratory
Manager of Laboratory Operations
Milwaukee WI 13783 Laboratory Management
Medical Lab Technologist — TEMP
Boston MA 13639 Staff Laboratory
Medical Lab Technologist — TEMP
New Orleans LA 13641 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Director
Burlingame CA 13727 CLIA Laboratory Director
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Nashville TN 13425 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Miami FL 13647 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Scientist / Blood Bank
Chicago IL 13790 Staff Laboratory
Medical Laboratory Technician
New York NY 12951 Molecular
Medical Technician (Molecular)
Buffalo NY 13354 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technician (Molecular)
Syracuse NY 13358 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Boston MA 13699 Laboratory Management
Medical Technologist
Manassas VA 13723 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Charlotte NC 13737 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Sterling IL 13739 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Bullhead City AZ 13793 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist
Lockport NY 13794 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Blood Bank
Tempe AZ 13748 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist – Blood Bank
Milwaukee WI 13782 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist/Chemistry
Nasvhille TN 12981 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist – Chemistry
Milwaukee WI 13784 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / CLS (Molecular)
Rockford IL 13760 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (Contract)
Toledo OH 13652 Temp - Local
Medical Technologist / Generalist
Myrtle Beach SC 13688 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Generalist
Albuquerque NM 13689 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (Generalist)
Sunnyside NY 13729 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (Generalist)
Sunnyside NY 13777 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Generalist / Travel
Albuquerque NM 13802 Temp - Traveler
Medical Technologist – Hematology
Hicksville NY 13779 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist – Hematology
Milwaukee WI 13781 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Histology
Albuquerque NM 13690 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist / Medical Laboratory Technician / MT / MLT /MLS / CLS
Adel GA 13693 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist – Microbiologist
New Orleans LA 13797 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (Molecular)
Tallahassee FL 13707 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (MT)/Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) — Temp/Travel
anytown NC 12593 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist — Temp/Travel
Boston MA 13698 Laboratory Management
Medical Technologist- Temp/Travel
Toledo OH 13751 Temp - Traveler
Medical Technologist (Toxicology)
Atlanta GA 13710 Staff Laboratory
Medical Technologist (Toxicology)
Atlanta GA 13711 Staff Laboratory
Microbiologist / Clinical Lab Technologist
Paterson NJ 13774 Staff Laboratory
Microbiology Supervisor
Hermiston OR 13800 Laboratory Management
Microbiology Technologist (CLT)
Sunnyside NY 13778 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Irvine CA 13524 Staff Laboratory
Molecular CLS
Newark NJ 13582 Staff Laboratory
Molecular CLS/CGMBS
San Francisco CA 13701 Molecular
Molecular Supervisor
Chicago IL 13696 Laboratory Management
Molecular Tech
Raleigh NC 13740 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Molecular Technologist
Nashville TN 12971 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Chicago IL 13068 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Buffalo NY 13352 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Nashville TN 13537 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Charlotte NC 13543 Molecular
Molecular Technologist
Syracuse NY 13692 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Bethpage NY 13721 Staff Laboratory
Molecular Technologist
Houston TX 13789 Molecular
Molecular Technologist (Day Shift)
Boca Raton FL 13714 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist
Fort Laramie WY 13687 Staff Laboratory
MT / MLS Medical Technologist
Wolf Point MT 13787 Staff Laboratory
Part-Time Specimen Collector
Miami FL 13649 Staff Laboratory
Pharmacogenomics Laboratory Supervisor
St Paul MN 13149 Laboratory Management
Charlottesville VA 13798 Staff Laboratory
Pre-Analytic Manager
Portland ME 13736 Laboratory Management
Pre-Analytic Supervisor
Portland ME 13730 Laboratory Management
QA Coordinator
Raleigh NC 13744 Staff Laboratory
Quality Assurance Specialist
Nashville TN 13532 Clerical/Administrative
Research Associate
San Francisco CA 13560 Staff Laboratory
Research Associate, Assay Development
San Jose CA 13681 Molecular
Scientist, Assay Development
San Jose CA 13676 Staff Laboratory
Senior Counsel
Charlotte NC 13695 Join the LLS Team
Social Media and Business Relations Administrator
Holly Springs NC 13771 Join the LLS Team
Specimen Accessioner
Buffalo NY 12987 Staff Laboratory
Specimen Processor — TEMP
Boston MA 13502 Staff Laboratory
Specimen Processor — TEMP
New Orleans LA 13509 Staff Laboratory
Technical Supervisor
Durham NC 13773 Technical Supervisor
Technical Supervisor/ Molecular
Chicago IL 13069 Technical Supervisor
Technical Supervisor (Molecular)
Baton Rouge LA 13715 Laboratory Management
Toxicology / Certifying Scientist
Orlando FL 13677 Toxicology
Toxicology Laboratory Specialist Supervisor
Charlotte NC 13503 Join the LLS Team
VP of Sales
Davie FL 13799 Laboratory Sales Representative
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