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Direct-to-Consumer & Consumer Initiated Laboratory Testing

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) and Consumer-Initiated laboratory testing are some of the fastest-growing segments of the clinical diagnostic laboratory industry. We believe everyone should have easier access to their laboratory data and we stand by ready to help you navigate this fraught regulatory landscape.

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How we can help:

We will advise you on strategy and connect you with a network of ordering physicians, so that you can commercialize a new test or revalidate an existing test on a sample type that is more conducive to home collection.

Navigate regulatory concerns when offering DTC testing.

Set up your laboratory to get you ready to perform testing.

Connect you with physician oversight support in all 50 states.

Help you validate and commercialize your test.


50-State Comparison Chart

Our 50-State Comparison chart gives you insight into which states you can compliantly offer and sell your tests.

10 hours of Consulting Time

Includes time with our founding team and technical team members.

Webinar Slides

Get access to our LAUNCH DTC webinar slides. A great intro to all the moving parts of launching and operating.

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