Cost-Effective Choices for your Lab Instruments + Supplies

We’ll work closely with you to determine what equipment, reagent, and supplies your lab needs, advising you on making sound decisions about what your lab personnel will need without racking up unnecessary expenses.

How we can help you avoid unnecessary expenses:

  • We’ll help you choose appropriate capital equipment.
  • Our team can secure discounted rates for laboratory owners on popular equipment brands.
  • We’ll present you with multiple choices on the most cost-effective equipment, with the option to purchase or lease equipment. 
  • Our instrument and supply selection help includes all consumables and supplies from A-Z. We will give you a “shopping list” to make sure you have everything covered for your new lab.
  • We will recommend the equipment that is most cost effective for your type of testing (moderate or high complexity).
  • Our team can help you choose a Laboratory Information System (LIS) that will integrate with your instrumentation, as well as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – both cloud-based and server-based options.