Design with optimal workflow and maximum efficiency.

Our team will work with your contractors and instrument manufacturers to design a laboratory with optimal workflow and maximum efficiency. We consider every detail and make sure you’re happy every step of the way. Our network of industry professionals also ensure you’ll receive a fair price.

How We Can Help:

  • We will review lease agreements and floor plans to help find a space suitable for your needs.
  • You provide the spaces’ footprint, and we will consult on the layout where the equipment, refrigerators, hand-wash stations, and sinks (auxiliary equipment) should be located. We’ll make recommendations on benches to hold instrumentation (if required).
  • We’ll help you design for a streamlined and optimized workflow.
  • We can help ensure the space is the appropriate size for your future plans and expansion.
  • Meets manufacturer’s guidelines between the instruments.
  • Offer guidance on proper electrical, plumbing, & ventilation.
  • We give guidance in design. Not finding or providing the contractors.
  • OSHA compliant guidelines for safety, guidance and water supply (drainage).