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Business Intelligence Services for Clinical Laboratories

Keep Your Laboratory on the Forefront of the Industry

Our business intelligence consulting services at Lighthouse Lab Services have a team of professionals who can help you run a successful laboratory that also succeeds as a company. We’ll show you how to not only have a successful laboratory but also a successful business venture by combining our expertise in both areas with our Business Intelligence Services.
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How We Help:

Our business intelligence lab consulting provides useful data for making strategic, data-driven choices. Unlike competing lab consulting organizations, our laboratory executives have extensive experience in both the lab and the boardroom. What this means is that we are aware of events both within and outside of the laboratory.

It is through this unique pairing that Lighthouse is able to offer the most up-to-date scientific testing applications and the savviest Business Intelligence lab guidance in the industry.

The Business Intelligence Services at Lighthouse Lab Services enable our clients to take advantage of the lessons we have learned serving the industry since 2003. As a strategic partner, we guide labs through common pitfalls and uncover opportunities they often did not know existed.  

Neil Gerber

Director of Sales Operations

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