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3 Ways Ongoing Consulting and Support Can Benefit a Lab

Hiring a lab consulting firm to provide ongoing support for your business can help you save money and time as you achieve your goals. Whether you need help with compliance, growth, personnel, or another consideration, retain consulting services for expert help. Consider these three ways ongoing consulting and support can benefit a lab.


1. Discuss Test Menu and Product Development

Whether you’re designing a test menu for a startup laboratory or adding new tests to an existing menu, lab consultants can offer valuable feedback. Your consultant can let you know important information regarding prospective tests, such as reimbursement data, to find out which tests will work for your facility.

Your test menu also creates personnel and instrument requirements. A consultant can inform you of necessary equipment, supplies, and personnel training to run the test from your lab. We help you keep all data points in mind as you make critical decisions about your test menu.


2. Provide Technical Support and Troubleshooting

One critical way ongoing consulting benefits your lab is through technical support and troubleshooting. Automation can increase your lab’s throughput and creates an efficient work environment for lab staff. And depending on the status of your lab’s development, automating processes can help you scale your business.

If you encounter an issue with your software, it can create problems with workflow. Accrediting bodies such as CLIA, COLA, and CAP require a moderate complexity lab to have a Technical Consultant; a high complexity lab requires a Technical Supervisor. A highly qualified lab consulting service can give you technical support and even provide a part-time Technical Consultant or Technical Supervisor to fulfill your lab’s requirements and save on expenses.


3. Help Your Lab Meet Your Specific Goals

If you have questions or concerns regarding equipment, personnel, quality management, or the trajectory of your business, a lab consultant can offer helpful information and guidance. The professional expertise of qualified consultants helps you make informed decisions quickly.

A well-connected firm can also save your lab money while providing equipment and personnel. For example, Lighthouse Lab Services maintains a preferred relationship status with most major vendors of lab instruments and supplies. Our record of starting and growing clinical laboratories enables us to negotiate strongly on your behalf.

You can rely on your laboratory consultant from Lighthouse Lab Services to help you achieve your business goals. Use ongoing consulting to gather relevant information and help you seek new opportunities for advancing your lab. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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