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A Letter From Our Founder

I am excited to announce that Lighthouse Recruiting, LLC, Laboratory Start-Up Consultants, LLC, and Laboratory Broker, LLC are merging to become Lighthouse Lab Services, effective April 2018.

Separately, our companies have developed innovative ways to offer solutions in clinical laboratory recruiting, consulting, and buyer/seller networking. Lighthouse Lab Services is a merger of these three industry-leading companies. Lighthouse Lab Services will be comprised of a 28-person team of experienced professionals, a suite of comprehensive clinical lab services, and an ethical approach to industry challenges.

What does this mean for you? A more holistic partnership with our team of industry and technical experts. Access to expanded service lines including Recruiting, Consulting, Buying/Selling services, Lab Director Programs, and more, under one roof. A comprehensive and cost-effective approach empowering you to START your career or a new lab, GROW your team, your lab’s test menu or specimen volume, or RUN your lab in a more efficient and compliant way.

We are humbled by the growth we’ve experienced in the past 14 years and look forward to partnering with you in even more ways in 2018. Let us know how we can help you today.


Jon Harol

Founder, Lighthouse Lab Services


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