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Future of COVID-19 Testing in the Clinical Lab Industry

In light of the recent vaccine announcements, many in the clinical lab industry wonder in what direction the COVID-19 testing market is headed.

To answer this and a few other questions, we’ve put together this short industry insights article. Lighthouse Lab Services polled 200+ lab experts. Here’s what they think about COVID-19 testing in general, antibody testing, and the demand for mobile testing in the near future.


Poll Results


How long do you think that COVID testing will be in high demand?


Do you think that antibody testing will be needed once a vaccine is available?


What COVID sample types does your lab currently test?


Do you think that the demand for mobile testing is increasing?


Looking To The Future

A very important area to keep in mind is the impact flu may have on the upcoming respiratory season while COVID-19 is still present. With similar symptoms and different treatment options, it will be critical for labs to ensure they can detect and differentiate between SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, Flu B, and potentially RSV. This ensures that patients get the correct diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, routine lab testing has finally returned to pre-COVID levels, however, COVID-related testing continues to climb. Many labs are trying to handle this volume without increasing staffing accordingly, resulting in burnout and churn. Let Lighthouse know if we can assist with adding qualified staff to your lab – your team is sure to thank you.


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