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Learn More About Our New CEO

Mark Roth went from laid off to CEO of an industry-leading Laboratory Consulting firm in the US.


Elite Diagnostics, LLC, and Lighthouse Lab Services announced in March that they have completed a merger of their business operations. This merger creates industry-leading Laboratory Consulting and Recruiting firm in the US! You can review our merger Press Release HERE.

Mark Roth, a founder of Elite Diagnostics, now serves as Chief Executive Officer of Lighthouse Lab Services.

With those fancy Google Glasses, no wonder Mark Roth has always been so good at seeing what others can’t and making sure Elite Diagnostics, LLC and Lighthouse Lab Services are well-positioned to help our clients stay one step ahead.

We’re very proud of him – and even more – the unbelievable team he and Jon Harol have been able to assemble to execute their vision.


We’re happy to introduce Mark’s interview. Roth spoke with the Charlotte Agenda recently about what it’s like to be laid off, tips on starting a company, and the surge in demand for his company’s consulting services during the pandemic.

Read his interview HERE and learn more about our new CEO!

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