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Press Release: Lighthouse Acquires Burns Consulting Group, Strengthens Managed Care Contracting Services

(Charlotte, NC): Finalized in August, North Carolina-based Lighthouse Lab Services is proud to announce its acquisition of Burns Consulting Group, with offices in Houston, Texas, and Kansas City, Mo.


With this acquisition, Lighthouse Lab Services continues to add new expertise and services for their clients in the clinical laboratory industry.

The move allows Lighthouse to strengthen its position as the nation’s leading laboratory consulting firm by adding the Burns Group’s extensive knowledge of managed care contracting. The experienced team at Burns will provide Lighthouse with a deep understanding of managed care contracting operations and will offer clients robust advice on strategies to seek network status with commercial payors. The Burns team will advise on areas including payor requirements, best practices in navigating the contracting process and strategic test menu development to meet network needs.

“Clients consistently look for advice in this area, and we believe that this acquisition will add tremendous value by leveraging the Burns Group’s thorough understanding of the payor perspective and extensive network of industry relationships,” says Jon Harol, President of Lighthouse.

Harol also touts the opportunity to better serve as advocates for labs through the experience the Burns Group brings from their past as managed care executives and contracting managers.

Burns Group CEO Brian Burns says his company’s unique combination of senior leadership, executive experience and hands-on lab experience in the realm of contracting and credentialing will serve as a great addition to the Lighthouse team.

“When working through the contracting process, we want to be able to tell the story of the lab owner,” Brian Burns says. “This move helps us to more effectively get labs and payers on the same page.”

Burns Group President Brennan Burns similarly echoes that sentiment.

“I’ve always regarded Lighthouse as one of the largest and most successful companies within the lab space,” Brennan Burns says. “I’m honored to be joining the team and am excited for the future of what we can achieve together.”



Media Contact

Dustin Suntheimer, Director of Marketing, Lighthouse Lab Services

Phone: 734-972-2693

Email: dustin.suntheimer@lighthouselabservices.com


About Lighthouse Lab Services

Lighthouse Lab Services is a healthcare consulting and management firm that offers end-to-end technical and business services to clinical, medical, and industrial laboratories across the country. Service offerings include assistance with licensure and compliance with CLIA, COLA, CAP, and other laboratory quality and accreditation requirements, scientific method development and validation for a variety of applications ranging from toxicology to infectious disease, as well as operational solutions. The company boasts a deep bench of Ph.D. and masters-level analytical chemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, and laboratory scientists, as well as experienced teams specializing in executive recruiting and staffing and supply chain and logistics management. Lighthouse is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, learn more at lighthouselabservices.com

About Burns Consulting Group

Burns Consulting Group provides a full suite of managed care advisory and consulting services to the U.S. healthcare system. Partnering with managed care companies, health systems, and providers, we offer subject matter expertise and insights into strategic planning, managed care contracting, revenue cycle, and value-based care contracting. Senior executive experience coupled with the ability to deliver targeted results are core tenets of Burns Consulting Group.


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