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Press Release: Lighthouse Unveils RCM Spotlight to Track Payer Performance, Enhance Revenue
RCM Spotlight

RCM Spotlight from Lighthouse Lab Services


(Charlotte, NC): Lighthouse Lab Services unveils new cloud-based AI software to analyze healthcare payer performance and identify revenue enhancement opportunities

Lighthouse Lab Services, the nation’s leading laboratory consulting firm, today unveiled RCM Spotlight, a cloud-based software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to provide business insight and improve revenue cycle management (RCM) without additional human labor. Designed and developed by Vitali Khvatkov, Chief Information Officer for Lighthouse, RCM Spotlight connects to billing data and establishes service in minutes with no installation required.

By using a copy of the standard claim and remittance data labs already exchange with their payers, RCM Spotlight analyzes data using its proprietary AI engine to compare reimbursement and denial results across payers and similar providers. Users also have the opportunity to pair feedback with professional implementation guidance from our dedicated team of RCM Consulting Specialists at Vachette Pathology.

“For years, we’ve been developing this new technology for labs and healthcare billing companies of all sizes,” Khvatkov says. “Our mission is to provide companies with cutting-edge products that help analyze, predict, avoid, and recover medical claim denials.”

This software provides labs and healthcare billing companies with the ability to:

  • Detect changes in denial patterns.
  • Perform fast denial root cause analysis.
  • Prioritize recoverable denials.
  • Compare payment performance with peers.
  • Receive a monthly scorecard and analysis reports.

To learn more about RCM Spotlight, or to request a demonstration, please visit our website.



Media Contact:

Dustin Suntheimer, Director of Marketing, Lighthouse Lab Services

Phone: 734-972-2693

Email: dustin.suntheimer@lighthouselabservices.com


About Lighthouse Lab Services:

Lighthouse Lab Services is a healthcare consulting and management firm that offers end-to-end technical and business services to clinical, medical, and industrial laboratories across the country. Service offerings include assistance with licensure and compliance with CLIA, COLA, CAP, and other laboratory quality and accreditation requirements, scientific method development and validation for a variety of applications ranging from toxicology to infectious disease, as well as operational solutions. The Company boasts a deep bench of Ph.D. and masters-level analytical chemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, and laboratory scientists, as well as experienced teams specializing in executive recruiting and staffing and supply chain and logistics management. Lighthouse is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, learn more at www.lighthouselabservices.com.


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