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Press Release: Lighthouse Lab Services Acquires Nation’s Premiere Pathology and Laboratory Revenue Cycle Auditing Firm, Vachette Pathology


(Charlotte, NC): At the beginning of April, North Carolina-based Lighthouse Lab Services is proud to announce its acquisition of Vachette Pathology of Sylvania, Ohio.


Lighthouse Lab Services adds new expertise and services for their clients in the clinical laboratory industry.

The acquisition helps Lighthouse expand on its position as the nation’s leading laboratory consulting firm by adding Vachette’s extensive expertise around laboratory revenue cycle consulting and auditing.  The experienced team at Vachette will provide Lighthouse with business intelligence and a deep understanding of billing and coding compliance, revenue cycle management best practices, and payor management issues, all of which are important areas of concern for laboratory owners and decision-makers. With the addition of Vachette, Lighthouse will be able to offer deeper insights and services to their clients to help them start, run, and grow quality laboratory operations.

When asked about the acquisition, Lighthouse President Jon Harol said, “Lighthouse’s merger with Vachette adds an amazing team with deep expertise in the laboratory revenue cycle management consulting space.  This thorough understanding of reimbursement trends and pitfalls will allow Lighthouse to better advise clients on opportunities for effective revenue cycle management with an eye towards compliance and best practices. We hope that Vachette’s RCM auditing services will be in high demand and add a lot of value in the coming months as many new players have entered the laboratory testing market this past year to take advantage of COVID-19 testing opportunities and need to stay on top of these areas.”

Echoing this sentiment, Vachette Founder and CEO, Mick Raich, said, “I am excited about joining with Lighthouse Lab Services.  There is a great synergy between the companies, and this merger will make both companies better.  We are proud to join forces with the industry’s leading consulting firm.”

With the combined expertise of both organizations, Lighthouse has continued to expand its considerable capabilities across the laboratory industry.

For any questions, please contact Lighthouse Lab Services.




About Lighthouse Lab Services 

Lighthouse Lab Services is a healthcare consulting and management firm that offers end-to-end technical and business services to clinical, medical, and industrial laboratories across the country. Service offerings include assistance with licensure and compliance with CLIA, COLA, CAP, and other laboratory quality and accreditation requirements, scientific method development and validation for a variety of applications ranging from toxicology to infectious disease, as well as operational solutions. The company boasts a deep bench of Ph.D. and masters-level analytical chemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, and laboratory scientists, as well as experienced teams specializing in executive recruiting and staffing and supply chain and logistics management. Lighthouse is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, learn more at www.lighthouselabservices.com


About Vachette Pathology

Vachette is a pathology laboratory consulting firm specializing in revenue cycle auditing, refining revenue cycle processes and negotiating managed care contracts. Vachette is not a billing agency and does not perform billing, but instead offers consulting from an outside point of view. Vachette helps clients manage their billing services to optimize performance, secure managed care contracts, and better serve their businesses. Headquartered in Sylvania, OH, learn more at vachettepathology.com

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