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RCM – Vachette

Consulting & Audit Services – Revenue Cycle Management

As the newest division of Lighthouse Lab Services, Vachette is the nation’s leading RCM consulting and auditing firm. From charge creation to EOB, they find the billing issues that affect your revenue or jeopardize your compliance.

Comprehensive Auditing

Vachette is a laboratory and pathology consulting firm specializing in revenue cycle auditing, refining revenue cycle processes, and negotiating managed care contracts. We are not a billing company. We utilize a three-tiered process of assessing revenue strategy, revenue management, and revenue insurance to help clients find weaknesses and strengthen process to improve their overall revenue cycle management practices.

By specializing and working exclusively with laboratories and pathologists, our team has insight into industry trends and key payer issues that are affecting laboratories today. 

Who We Can Help


Private Laboratories

We help private laboratories:
Align testing menus with their front-end processes to ensure healthy and consistent reimbursement, evaluate coding accuracy and provide revenue projections.

Hospital Administrators

Vachette assists hospital administrators with Part A negotiations, group mergers, salary and staffing levels, shareholder and referring physician interviews on pathology quality, revenue auditing for pathology and laboratory services, and risk-sharing revenue models.


Pathology Practices

We provide business and revenue strategy as it pertains to the business of pathology. Pathology practices of all sizes have reaped the benefits of using Vachette as their consultant. We oversee the day-to-day business issues that need detailed attention.

When you need a complete picture of your laboratory revenue cycle, our newest division, Vachette, offers an end-to-end solution to find errors that jeopardize your compliance and affect your revenue.  

Dustin Suntheimer

Director of Marketing

We Review and Analyze:


Your Entire Revenue Cycle


Denials and Trends

Monthly Charges

Payer Contracts

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