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Having trouble securing a Lab Director?
Having trouble securing a Lab Director? Have you considered hiring on a part-time basis?

With the staffing shortage plaguing the clinical lab industry at present, you may be asking yourself how you can hire a qualified individual to fulfill the role of CLIA Laboratory Director. Navigating the regulations surrounding personnel in CLIA licensed clinical laboratories can be difficult enough.


What’s the solution?

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the difficulty of securing a qualified CLIA Laboratory Director, utilizing our Part-Time Lab Director program may be the best route to take. Many people don’t realize that Lab Directors are allowed to oversee and direct up to a maximum of five CLIA licensed labs in most states and can do so on a part-time basis; as such, a qualified, Part-Time Lab Director is oftentimes much more readily secured than an available Full-Time Director. These Part-Time Lab Directors oftentimes work full-time at one lab as a Scientist, Supervisor, and/or Laboratory Director, which leaves opportunity to direct up to an additional four labs separately on a part-time basis; while these directors enjoy their full-time work and are not typically looking to make a full-time career change, they are amenable and available, as well as consistently interested, to work with other labs as Part-Time Laboratory Director.


Is this program for you?

If your lab is small-to-moderately sized and running a manageable number of samples per month, a Part-Time Lab Director is most likely more than sufficient for your operations, assuming you have well-trained on-site staff members to supervise the daily activities and operations. Many of the responsibilities of a CLIA Laboratory Director can be delegated to on-site staff members who have been appropriately trained and assessed to be competent in these tasks to keep your lab running compliantly even when the director is not physically present.


Important benefits of having Part-Time Lab Director

In addition to assisting in the fulfillment of the required role of Laboratory Director in a CLIA licensed lab, hiring a Part-Time Lab Director can save you significantly on the personnel costs for this role, especially considering what a high-level individual it takes to meet the CLIA requirements of a Laboratory Director. Check out our National Account Manager Tara’s article for more information on how Part-Time Lab Directors can save you over $100,000 in annual overhead costs HERE.


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