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State Licensing Information


State Contact Information

CLIA Agency Contact
California Department of Public Health
Division of Laboratory Science
Laboratory Field Services (LFS)
320 W 4th St. STE 890
Los Angeles, CA 90013-2398
(213) 620-6160
Fax: (213) 620-6565
CLIA Contact: Donna McCallum, Examiner III

State License Contacts
In-State Facility License Contact: Kathy Williams
E-mail: Kathy.Williams@cdph.ca.gov

Out-of-State Facility License Contact: Edward Campos
E-mail: Edward.Campos@cdph.ca.gov

Note: Physician-owned Office Laboratories (POLs) are exempt from staffing licensed laboratory personnel except for the CLIA Lab Director. However, POLs are still required to be registered or licensed facilities in the State of California depending on their type of testing.

Registration is for waived and PPMP laboratory testing only.

Licensure is for moderate or high complexity laboratory testing.