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Tips for Thriving in a Hybrid Work-Flex Model

By: Bethany Swan, Administrative Coordinator, Lighthouse Lab Services

In my previous article, I outlined why Lighthouse Lab Services’ Hybrid Work-Flex Model allows its employees to thrive in their various workplace settings since this practice was introduced in response to the Covid pandemic. Whether they primarily work from home, at a co-working space, or split time in both areas, Lighthouse employees have the ability to work with their supervisor and Human Resources to come up with a plan that allows them to be most effective in their positions.

With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks to working within a flexible workplace. No matter which type of work environment you choose, they each come with their own pros, as well as challenges that you may want to consider ahead of discussing what might work best for you.


Working from Home

  • Have a dedicated workspace
      • This will help you focus on work, and not spread work stress to any other part of your personal living space.
  • Maintain a morning routine
      • Whether it involves breakfast, working out, making coffee, etc., a regular routine will help prepare you to be “at work” and feel present, rather than just rolling out of bed.
  • Communicate digitally with your coworkers, both professionally AND casually
      • Even a couple instant messages or emails of a relaxed nature will keep a connection that isn’t strictly work related. Remember, you can still have those watercooler discussions online, but you must foster those relationships to retain them!
  • Create a schedule: Set times to log in or be online, take breaks, have lunch, and log off
      • This will ensure you get away from the desk to give your brain a break, stretch your body, and not overwork yourself. Regular breaks are shown to increase productivity.
  • Dress to maximize your focus
      • While what you wear may often depend on your virtual meetings for the day, getting dressed, regardless in what fashion, helps your brain know that you are focusing on the tasks at hand.
  • Keep a headset or earbuds handy
      • Wireless headsets or earbuds for phone calls are helpful for fielding calls while walking or moving around your space, which will continue to help boost productivity and work satisfaction.


Working at a co-working space

  • Reserve space that works for you
      • If you are sharing your workspace, communication with your officemates will be key!
  • Take walks around the office between tasks
      • Short breaks will do wondrous things for your mind and efficiency!
  • Plan to collaborate on office days
      • Projects and meetings with coworkers are great things to tackle on office days. Conversely, working remotely when you need to devote your attention to a particular individual task or project might work better for you since you have more control of that environment.
  • Maintain a schedule/to-do list
      • This will be beneficial to remaining on task as people stop by in person to discuss projects with you.


Staying effective in both environments

Why not both? The best thing about Lighthouse’s Hybrid Work-Flex Model is that many employees can work in the office AND from home, depending upon your preference, schedule, etc. Here are some ways to make implementing a flexible workplace easier:

  • Plan your week ahead of time
      • Scheduling the days you will be home or at the co-working space each week will help you manage the time it takes for travel and allow you to arrange any in-person meetings ahead of time.
  • Let others know your schedule
      • Inform coworkers and supervisors of your schedule so they will know how to get in touch with you on any given day.
  • Prepare the night before
      • Pack your work bag with your computer and all items you’ll need while away from your home office space.
  • Find the right balance for you
      • Hybrid workspace is flexible for a reason!

As the workplace environment continues to move into the future, you don’t want your company to be left behind. Keeping your employees healthy and happy only works out in a company’s favor and makes your employees want to grow with you long term. The Hybrid Work-Flex model is a win-win for everyone’s health, productivity, and profit. Take it from me, a now healthy and happy member of a wonderful company.


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