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5 Key Considerations for a Functional Laboratory Design

When you open a new laboratory, you have to think about who you will hire, the type of research you will do, and the design of your space. How you arrange your lab can substantially impact your operations and their efficiency. Here are five key considerations for a functional laboratory design.


Consider the workflow

One aspect to take into consideration is the workflow of your lab space. Arrange things so your staff can perform research and test more efficiently. Otherwise, they may be restricted to areas where they encounter roadblocks when completing work. Arrange your lab in a way that allows your staff to collaborate easily.


Find the best places for equipment

Another key consideration for a functional laboratory design is where you place your equipment and instruments. Determine if equipment needs to be in certain areas in the lab so that your employees can access them easily and complete their work. You may have to buy duplicate instruments if more than one person will use it for their work.


Ensure you have sufficient storage

Your lab design should include areas for storage. Ensure you have cabinets for storing electronic devices and appropriate spaces for chemicals and hazardous materials. Incorporate these storage spaces without risking your workers’ safety, such as blocking exits.


Look at the long term

Don’t forget to look ahead at the long-term life of your lab. Do you expect your lab to grow in the coming years? Will you need to hire more people or add more equipment? Decide whether your design will accommodate these changes. If not, you may need to create a different design for your lab.


Confirm your design promotes safety

Make sure that your lab design promotes safety for everyone. Examine it closely for any areas where your workers may encounter hazards that would cause them harm or result in a work stoppage. Your associates should feel secure when they come to work in your lab.

If you need assistance designing your lab for optimal workflow, contact Lighthouse Lab Services for a free consultation. Our laboratory startup consultants can help you with all the details of your design so that you can achieve maximum efficiency.


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