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5 Tips to Effectively Onboard New Employees for Lab Managers

When your laboratory hires a new employee, it’s important for you as a manager to provide them with support and guidance to help them successfully adapt to your workplace. Read our five tips for effectively onboarding new employees for lab managers.


Reach out before they start work

One tip for onboarding new employees is reaching out to them before they start work. They will be glad you are welcoming them to your laboratory. This opportunity allows them to ask you any questions before they come in for work, and your answers will prepare them for the things they will encounter.


Provide an employee orientation manual

Another tip to effectively onboard new employees is to provide them with an employee orientation manual. As a lab manager, it’s important to welcome people into the work environment. You can share things new hires need to know about the company, such as its mission, procedures, and rules they must follow.


Take them on a tour

Giving new employees a tour of your medical lab’s facilities is a great onboarding tactic. Your new hire must know where everything is and become familiar with the workspace. This tour can also help them better understand the type of testing your lab most commonly performs.


Assign them a mentor

A mentor or partner to help new employees adapt to their role can be a great help. This co-worker can help in the training process and make things easier. They can answer questions and guide the rookie on following established standard operating procedures (SOPs) correctly.


Give them time to learn

As a lab manager, it’s important to give your new employee time to learn. Don’t rush them into complex tasks quickly; instead, allow your recruit to adjust in a reasonable time frame. Otherwise, you will be setting them up for failure.


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