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Common Misconceptions About Working with Recruiters

If you’re a company seeking an employee, working with a recruiter can help you find a qualified professional to fill the position. And if you’re a job seeker searching for your ideal workplace, a recruiter can help align your career goals and skillset with the right employer.

Recruiters make the most of your time and help you save money and reach your goals. Don’t let the following common misconceptions about working with recruiters hold you back.


Misconception #1: Recruiters Don’t Understand Job Positions

One misconception is that recruiters don’t understand the responsibilities and functions of the positions they recruit candidates for. While recruiters might have varying degrees of familiarity with the jobs they help fill, good recruiters understand their clients well.

They know companies’ values, goals, the requirements for specific roles, and the values and skills their clients expect from employees. Since many recruiters don’t get paid unless the client hires a candidate that they find, knowing these details is crucial for the recruiter’s own well-being.


Misconception #2: Recruiters Charge Job Candidates Service Fees

Another common misconception about working with recruiters is that they charge job seeker fees. If you’re worried about the cost of a recruiter, put your worries aside—recruiters don’t charge candidates for their services.

Instead, the employer who wants to fill an open position is the recruiter’s client; the employer agrees to pay the recruiter a contingency, retainer, or engagement fee for their services, depending on their agreement. For example, a lab working with Lighthouse Lab Services doesn’t pay for recruiting services unless they hire a candidate found by the recruiter.


Misconception #3: Recruiters Deceive to Fill Positions

Another unfortunate misconception is that recruiters deceive hiring companies and job seekers so they can fill positions. While recruiters work to connect their clients with candidates, it’s important to maintain integrity. If a recruiter deceives either the company or job seeker, they lose their own credibility.

Lighthouse specializes in clinical lab staffing and recruiting. We use our industry expertise and our understanding of our clients to make placements with high-quality candidates. Our reputation of excellence and high satisfaction ratings make us a leader in lab staffing services.


Misconception #4: Recruiters Make Hiring Decisions

Finally, while some may think the recruiter makes hiring decisions, this is untrue. The company seeking the employee chooses whom to hire. It’s the recruiter’s responsibility to match candidates with their clients.

Use Lighthouse Lab Services to help you find a job that suits your career goals. We are the leader among lab staffing agencies thanks to our fantastic recruitment services and resources for both employers and job seekers. If you’re a lab professional seeking employment, check out our resources for resume and interview preparation and contact us today for a free consultation.


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