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Different Types of Laboratories We Can Help You Start

Lighthouse Lab Services is the industry leader for starting and growing medical laboratories. We give lab start-ups a firm foundation in six steps: initial consultation, resources allotment, credentialing, staffing, implementation, and launch. Find out more about some of the different types of laboratories we can help you start.


Physician Office Labs

A physician office laboratory (POL) performs diagnostic tests or examines specimens to diagnose, prevent, or treat a disease or condition. Compared to outside labs, POLs save time on packaging, processing, and delivering specimens. Because of this, POLs give clinicians quicker access to test results, which can lead to improved treatments for patients.

As with other types of medical labs, federal, state, and local laws regulate POLs. Among other services we offer to lab business start-ups, Lighthouse Lab Services will take the initiative in processing and enrolling your lab for required certificates and state licensing.


Infectious Disease

An infectious disease lab receives and tests specimens to determine diagnoses, monitor public health threats, and prevent and control disease outbreaks. Specimens are most commonly stool, blood, and respiratory secretions or swabs.

Our team will assist in writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and ensure your staff is trained on running specimens properly. Assisting in the creation of detailed SOPs is just one of the ways we can help you create an efficient, accurate, and safe laboratory.


Podiatry Labs

Another type of laboratory we can help start is a podiatry lab. These labs specialize in podiatric pathology, studying disease in tissues of the lower legs and feet. Many types of patients rely on podiatry labs, such as those with diabetes and people with foot pain symptoms.

Lighthouse Lab Services can help you select a location that’s right for your lab. The ideal location will meet your lab’s needs as a start-up and allow your lab to grow as your business flourishes.


Genetic Labs

Genetic labs run tests with specimens of blood, hair, skin, amniotic fluid, or other tissue. Testing can reveal changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins and help determine a person’s chance of developing a genetic disorder or passing the risk to offspring.

All laboratories need professional staff with the right qualifications and experience to run a compliant lab. Lighthouse Lab Services can efficiently source the best permanent or temporary candidates for positions from the lab bench to Directorship.


Toxicology Drug Testing

A toxicology lab verifies the presence of chemicals, drugs, or toxins and identifies them. Test results can help clinicians confirm a diagnosis or optimize treatment. Whether performing therapeutic drug monitoring, drug testing, or testing for exposure to a specific substance, such as nicotine, toxicology drug testing helps save and improve lives.

Lighthouse Lab Services will assist throughout the entire process of starting a medical laboratory business. Our team of experts can transform your ideas into a stable business.

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