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Final Tip on Working with a Recruiter During Your Job Search

This is the last, fourth tip in a four-week series on leveraging third-party recruiters (headhunters) to your full advantage during your next job search.

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Final Tip #4 – Avoiding the dreaded bridge-burn

Ever thought about using a third-party recruiter – otherwise known as a headhunter – for your job search? Whether you’re a new grad, a seasoned veteran seeking a change (or something in between) a good recruiter can greatly increase your odds of landing your dream job offer. Over the next four weeks, I am going to discuss a few ways that you can engage with and use headhunters (and other recruiters) to your full advantage during your next job search. 


This week’s tip:


Recruiters know that they won’t be able to find a job for every single candidate they work with. It comes with the territory. Furthermore, if you’re actively seeking employment, no good recruiter will naively think his or her job opportunity is the ONLY one you’re entertaining. Recruiters know you’re likely to be interviewing at multiple companies simultaneously and, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a few offers to consider, as well.

That said, if you do end up interviewing for, or accepting a position while at the same time working with a recruiter for a different job opportunity, that’s okay. Just make sure you do the professional thing and tell your recruiter. Of course, the recruiter is likely to be disappointed but will be very appreciative of the notice you give them. Depending on where you’re at in the job offer process with the other company, your recruiter might even be able to get the company they are representing to come through with a better offer. As a result – thus potentially giving you 2 offers to consider. Remember, although it seems unfair: no job offer is final until you show up and start working!



Whether you accept a job that is offered to you by a recruiter – or take a different job – don’t lose sight of the fact that you may need that recruiter’s help again in the future. To give yourself the best career prospects and to hear about new opportunities in the future, even years down the line, keep in touch. Connect on LinkedIn and swap the industry buzz. Write the recruiter a recommendation if you were pleased with their efforts. Do whatever is appropriate, reasonable and professional. If you behave professionally throughout the job hunting process, good recruiters will keep coming back to you because they view headhunting as a long-term project. If in three years you find yourself back on the job market, they will remember you as a great candidate and be happy to represent you again. Well-maintained professional relationships can result in mutually beneficial opportunities down the line.



In conclusion, if you’re a job seeker using a recruiter, clear communication and professionalism are key. Recruiters can only help you if you are open with them about all of the opportunities and factors that you are considering. If you happen to work in the clinical laboratory industry and would like to talk to a great recruiter, the folks at Lighthouse Lab Services would love to chat. You can contact them, find useful resources that will help you with your job search. and sign up for their monthly newsletter “The Laboratorian” (just scroll almost all the way to the bottom of the Resources page).  

Happy Hunting!


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