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The Most Important Positions in Any Medical Testing Lab

Every medical testing lab requires professional and experienced staff to function properly. Each staff member specializes in certain procedures and processes that are essential for diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases. Discover some of the most important positions in any medical testing lab below.


1. Laboratory Director

The job of laboratory director is one of the most important positions in any medical testing lab. The main responsibilities include managing overall operations, ensuring all standards are met, and performing quality assurance tests. You usually need to be a board-certified medical doctor to become a laboratory director—or Ph.D. scientist with a significant amount of experience in the medical field.


2. Pathologist

A pathologist is a medical doctor who examines a patient’s tissues, blood, and other components to diagnose a disease. They are also responsible for conducting lab tests that will help determine the type of disease that needs to be eradicated from the patient’s body. When pathologists find the type of disease, they will record it and share their findings with the rest of the treatment team.


3. Histotechnician

Histology is the study of tissue structure, and histotechnicians analyze the structures of tissues to help diagnose diseases. If they notice unusual or irregular shapes within tissues, they can use this information to identify diseases. Although histotechnicians do not work directly with patients, they do often collaborate with pathologists to ensure that their diagnosis is accurate.


4. Medical Technologist

Medical technologists specialize in many areas, including microbiology, toxicology, chemistry, and genetics. They analyze blood, bodily fluids, and tissues using the latest and most accurate technology and procedures. In addition, they ensure that all tests are completed correctly and quickly.

Many other important roles in a laboratory require experienced staff members in addition to these positions. If you require clinical lab staffing services for your laboratory, reach out to Lighthouse Lab Services. Our experts will help you find qualified, professional staff members so you can easily run a successful laboratory.


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