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Reasons to Use a Lab Staffing Agency to Find Candidates

You need your laboratory staff to produce high-quality test results efficiently. But staffing issues can disrupt your lab’s important work.

Take the hassle out of hiring and get back to exceptional performance. Read these reasons to use a lab staffing agency to find candidates:


1. Choose from a Large Candidate Pool

Laboratory staffing agencies specialize in matching the best candidates with prospective labs. Because of this specialization, agencies have a large pool of qualified candidates to choose from. They can access job boards and databases or run their own.

You won’t be left sifting through irrelevant resumes. An agency can quickly and easily source talent to fill your lab’s positions.


2. Find Temporary or Contract Employees

Whatever your lab’s needs, a staffing agency can connect you with candidates. If your lab experiences a temporary shortage of employees, needs to fill a seasonal position, or has difficulty staffing some shifts, let an agency help. Agencies have the flexibility to find traveling laboratory staff that can help in these situations.


3. Use Industry-Specific Expertise

Experienced lab staffing agencies understand what makes laboratory businesses successful. This is one of the best reasons to use a lab staffing agency to find candidates. They use their expertise to help you navigate the complex lab staffing market.

Recruiters know the importance of specific jobs and the duties candidates must fulfill. For positions at all levels, from the laboratory bench to management, use an agency to fill openings.


4. Get Support Throughout the Entire Process

Agencies help you with staffing from the search process through hiring. Get help with everything, from writing job descriptions to conducting interviews. Recruiters also work closely with candidates to prepare them every step of the way, making better matches between candidates and employers.


5. Enjoy Cost-Effective Services

With a lab staffing agency, you’ll benefit from high-level access to the vetted, well-prepared candidates best suited for your positions. Use specialization to your advantage to cut the costs of recruiting. While the agency does the work of finding and attracting talent, your lab can focus on what it does best: performing and providing high quality testing.

With a lab staffing agency, you don’t have to miss a beat. Continue to produce the results your lab is known for while letting the agency meet your staffing needs.


Recruit With Lighthouse Lab Services

Lighthouse Lab Services has connected qualified and reliable candidates with laboratories for nearly 20 years. We are the nation’s leading lab staffing agency with a database of over 190,000 qualified lab job seekers. Contact us for a free consultation to meet your personnel needs.


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