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The Different Types of Clinical Laboratory Businesses

Before you invest in a laboratory, you need to decide which type of laboratory you want to set up. There are many different types of clinical laboratory businesses, including toxicology labs, mobile labs, genetic labs, hospital labs, allergy labs, and so much more. Each one of these labs specializes in specific types of testing and analysis. Read on and learn more about the different types of labs and what they do.


Mobile Laboratories

Similar to a food truck, mobile laboratories can transport their services anywhere, at any time. They often provide assistance to people in rural or hard-to-reach areas who may not have access to stationary laboratories. While some of these mobile laboratories simply hold and transport samples back to a larger, stationary laboratory, others have all the right equipment to process the samples themselves.


Hospital Laboratories

Hospital laboratories run tests for patients to determine the causes of illness. These types of laboratories provide not only a diagnosis of a disease or illness but also information about possible treatments and prevention. Occasionally, these labs will participate in emergency work, and they work closely with hospitals and their patients while testing clinical specimens.


Genetic Laboratories

Genetic laboratories specialize in DNA and genes. They evaluate a patient’s genes and DNA to diagnose inherited genetic diseases or disorders. They can also provide helpful information about how to treat, manage, and prevent genetic diseases from occurring.


How To Start Your Own Laboratory Business

These are just a few of the different types of clinical laboratory businesses. If you don’t know which type of lab to create or want to learn how to start a lab testing business, contact Lighthouse Lab Services. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, we can answer any questions you might have and help you build your lab from the ground up.


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