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Top 5 Benefits of Traveling Work Placement Opportunities

Traveling lab staff positions are excellent, unique opportunities for qualified professionals with the flexibility and desire to travel. No matter where you are in your medical laboratory career, labs across the country have open positions. Explore the top five benefits of traveling work placement opportunities.


1. Great Compensation

Traveling workers earn more annually than the industry standard for their profession. That’s because, in addition to a desirable salary and benefits, you can receive compensation such as free lodging, food, incidentals, and travel cost reimbursement.

With Lighthouse Lab Services as your recruiting agency, your health insurance coverage starts on the first day of your work assignment. You’ll also have paid vacation days, paid sick days, and paid holidays.


2. More Job Availability

The more locations and shifts you consider for work, the more jobs there are available to you. Lighthouse Lab Services partners with labs all over the country seeking qualified, competent, experienced candidates. Our reach gives you access and potential to work for a large pool of labs.


3. New Places to Explore

One of the most intriguing benefits of a traveling lab career is your opportunity to explore different places. If you want to see the country but have felt held back by a traditional work schedule and fixed location, consider building travel into your work life.

Lighthouse partners with labs from Maine to Hawaii, giving you a wide range of regional cultures to experience. On your days off, have fun exploring the area. You’ll typically spend 10 to 13 weeks—sometimes more—in one location, and each new work placement means plenty of opportunities for new adventures.


4. Stimulating Work Environments

While every accredited laboratory meets the same scientific and professional standards, you will find differences between work assignments. Each new assignment presents differing perspectives and practices that can sharpen and grow your skillset.

Gain proficiency on multiple instruments and expand your understanding of what makes labs successful. With opportunities like these, traveling can deeply enrich your career.


5. Flexibility and Support

Finally, one great advantage of traveling work is flexibility. The constraints of a typical job won’t apply to your position. Instead, you can choose the assignments you want and where you want to go.

Support from a lab staffing agency makes flexibility a gift rather than a burden. Lighthouse strives to secure additional assignments 30 days prior to the end of your current assignment to add stability and fresh options to your traveling career.

Lighthouse Lab Temp Services offers second-to-none placement services for labs at every stage of their business development. Our partnerships make it easy to connect qualified job seekers with excellent medical labs across the country.

Contact us today to start your traveling career!


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