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What Are SOPs and Why Are They Beneficial to Your Lab?

Technicians in a clinical laboratory must perform tests properly and with zero chance of errors. To ensure consistency and accuracy, it’s important to have standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place. Continue reading to learn what SOPs are and why they are beneficial to your lab.


SOPs defined

SOPs are written instructions that explain how to conduct a lab procedure correctly. Labs utilize these instructions to reduce errors in technicians’ work since they provide a formalized process that the techs can follow.


SOPs help maintain consistency

Once you understand what SOPs are, it’s easy to see why SOPs are beneficial to your lab. For one thing, they play a crucial role in helping a lab maintain consistency. When your employees have clearly written directions that guide them through a procedure, the chances that they will perform it correctly and safely increase exponentially. SOPs ensure that your laboratory produces accurate results for your clients.


They help train new workers

SOPs make it easier for your lab workers to train new employees. When you hire a recruit, they may find it confusing when given verbal directions from other workers regarding how to perform new tasks.

You can eliminate that confusion by providing them with written procedures. With clear, precise directions, your new lab techs should be able to learn how to perform tasks more easily.


SOPs keep you in compliance with regulations

Laboratory regulations are constantly changing, but SOPs can help your business stay in compliance with the rules. SOPs allow your employees to follow instructions that keep their actions aligned with current regulations, showing regulators that your lab is dedicated to abiding by them.


They can help you assess worker performance

SOPs are beneficial when you need to evaluate worker performance. If you are grading a worker on how well they adhere to certain lab procedures, you can use the SOPs as a checklist to ensure that the tech follows each step properly.

If your laboratory needs assistance establishing SOPs, contact Lighthouse Lab Services to learn about the clinical lab services we offer. We can help your lab change and sign off on SOPs and other documentation so you stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

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