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What Does a Clinical Laboratory Director Do?

Patients seeking or undergoing treatments rely on test results from clinical labs. And it takes a dedicated team of professionals to keep a lab running efficiently and accurately.

One of the most important members of the team is the lab director. This blog explores what a clinical laboratory director does.


Manage Operations and Oversee Lab Policies

Lab directors occupy the highest-level position in the lab. They ensure everyone in the lab successfully performs every clinical and administrative function. Directors manage operations and oversee lab policies.

To accomplish this, directors have their own responsibilities, but they can also delegate some tasks to other lab members, such as clinical consultants or technical supervisors. Directors double-check delegated tasks to ensure quality and accuracy. Because directors oversee the entire lab’s operations, it’s important to choose a highly experienced and knowledgeable person for this position.


Meet and Maintain Accreditation Standards

The second thing clinical laboratory directors do is maintain accreditation standards. Directors make monthly reports to satisfy state and federal regulatory requirements.

Accrediting bodies, such as CAP and COLA, routinely inspect labs. If an inspector finds issues with lab practices or administrative functions, it’s up to the director to make improvements. And if a lab seeks higher accreditation, the director keeps the lab on task to achieve that distinction.


Hire Personnel and Maintain Supplies and Equipment

To ensure the efficient and safe operation of the lab, directors hire the best people they can and maintain supplies and equipment. By building a strong staff and creating a healthy environment, directors position their labs for success.

Lab directors write job descriptions and make hiring decisions, then manage personnel and supervise their work. Directors also check supplies and maintain equipment. They approve lab expenditures to ensure the lab is outfitted appropriately.

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