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What’s the Best Location for Starting a Medical Lab?

When starting a new laboratory, one of the first things you must do is find a location. Selecting the perfect spot is critical to your financial success and your ability to deliver client satisfaction. If you’re unsure of where to begin, consider these best locations for starting a lab.


Avoid Picking a Site in a Busy Area

Setting up a lab in a bustling metropolis might seem like the obvious choice. However, busy city centers have high rent, traffic congestion, and limited parking spaces.

These factors can substantially impact your lab’s monthly overhead costs and inconvenience both employees and clients. Instead, look for areas on the outskirts of a city or in suburban neighborhoods if it makes sense for the patient population you would like to serve, as rent is typically more affordable.


Ensure Local Regulations Will Permit Your Work

As you scout for the perfect lab location, remain mindful of the zoning and permitting regulations in the area. Some municipalities might have stringent compliance requirements for labs.

Research these regulations beforehand to ensure that your laboratory operations won’t conflict with any existing laws. Failure to do so might result in costly fines or forced relocation.


Make Sure It Has Access to the Resources You Need

Another tip for finding the best location for starting a lab is to ensure it gives you access to necessary resources, such as water, electricity, and gas. If your lab requires specific or constant conditions, consider the area’s climate and the frequency of natural disasters. These factors may have significant impacts on the reliability of your critical utilities.


Consider if Workers Can Easily Commute to the Location

An easily accessible location is vital for both attracting and retaining employees. Their daily commute should be hassle-free, with minimal traffic and accessible parking.

In addition, there should be public transportation options available nearby to accommodate employees who rely on them. Choosing a location near multiple transit lines can make your lab more appealing to potential workers, increasing your chances of acquiring top talent.


Pick a Location That Allows You to Serve Clients Easily

Accessibility is important for your employees and your clients. If your lab offers services that require frequent client visits, consider a location within reasonable proximity to your client base.

Choosing a location near transportation infrastructure can also help with the timely delivery of test results. Keeping it client-friendly can make a significant difference in the success of your lab. If you’re working with a laboratory consultant to assist in this process, they can also provide site acquisition target criteria based upon your lab’s test menu, throughput, and growth plans.


Weighing all these factors can help you choose the right site for your lab. Lighthouse Lab Services has extensive expertise on how to start a lab testing business. We can make the startup process less complicated so that your lab business is ready for success when it opens its doors.

Contact us today to get started with a free consultation.


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