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5 Qualities of a Great Laboratory Technician

In the world of clinical laboratories, having the right qualities can make all the difference between winning that new job or getting a rejection letter. However, you can make your job search more successful by learning about the five qualities of a great laboratory technician. Read on to learn how having these traits will improve your luck and contribute to the overall success of your lab team.


A Focus on Safety

If there’s anything that a lab needs, it’s a high level of safety. When you demonstrate a strong commitment to safety during job interviews, you emphasize your ability to be reliable and maintain an accident-free environment. This impacts the well-being of the laboratory team and the efficiency of the lab itself.


The Ability to Stay Organized

Another important quality of a great laboratory technician is the ability to stay organized. Efficient organization ensures accurate and timely specimen processing, which reduces the rate of errors and increases productivity. By demonstrating strong organizational skills, you will show that you can have a positive impact on the laboratory environment.


A Willingness to Work with Others

Collaboration is key in any laboratory environment. Potential employers highly value a lab technician who is willing to work with colleagues, share knowledge, and contribute to team efforts. During the hiring process, emphasize your strong interpersonal skills and collaborative mindset.


Previous Experience with Lab Equipment

Lab managers also strongly value applicants who possess previous experience with lab equipment. This better ensures that they can hit the ground running once they start working in the lab.

On your resume, highlight your hands-on experience and ability to troubleshoot common problems. This shows that you can perform essential tasks, maximize the lab’s productivity, and minimize downtime.


The Desire to Continue Learning

New technologies and methodologies emerge regularly in the world of science. A great lab technician genuinely desires to continue learning and staying abreast of industry advancements. This commitment benefits the entire lab, allowing you to become an invaluable asset to the team.

Embodying these five qualities will increase your chances of finding employment in a lab. Lighthouse Lab Services’ clinical lab staffing services can assist you in this process. We have connected many people with labs for nearly 20 years and can help you polish your resume and make a strong impression in your next job interview.


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